Saumya Tandon's Black-And-White Pic With Two-Month-Old, Miraan Tandon Singh Depicts Mother-Son Love

Gori Mem Anita Vibhuti Narayan Mishra in the TV sitcom, Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain!, Saumya Tandon announced the news of her pregnancy on November 14, 2018, and was blessed with a baby boy on January 14, 2019. Saumya and her husband, Saurabh Devendra Singh embraced the new chapter of their lives with the arrival of the little one, whom they named, Miraan Tandon Singh. Saumya has been treating her fans with glimpses of her baby bump and pregnancy glow. (Also Read: Divyanka Tripathi Dahiya Enjoys Brunch Date With Mom-In-Law And Sister-In-Law, Pictures Inside)

After the birth of their son, Miraan Tandon Singh, Saumya Tandon shared a lovely picture of the newborn with husband, Saurabh Devendra Singh, where her fans got a glimpse of their little munchkin. Sachin Kumar, who has been shooting drool-worthy photos of Saumya since her pregnancy phase, shared a super-adorable picture of the mommy-son duo. The gorgeous black-and-white photo of Saumya and Miraan will surely melt your heart.

In one of her first interviews with Pinkvilla, as a mother, Saumya Tandon spoke at length about this new and wonderful chapter of her life, parenthood and resuming her work again. When they asked her, “How are you feeling?”, Saumya replied, “It's quite a big change in my life. It was quite a tough process as I was working throughout my pregnancy. I began not so smoothly. My first trimester was quite bad. But yeah, I picked up. In fact, I was exercising a lot, for 2 hours a day during my third trimester. That kept me going and I was much better. I genuinely feel it's quite an achievement. It's quite overwhelming.”

Describing her whole journey from pregnancy to giving birth, Saumya added, “It was an experience of a lifetime.” Saumya informed that she named her son Miraan after a suggestion by one of her fans from Singapore. In an interaction with Hindustan Times, she had shared, “Though, the name suggested by a lady from Singapore was Miran, it was a girl’s name so I added an extra ‘a’ to it. It’s a Persian word and means king of kings. Finally, we registered the name as Miraan Tandon Singh. Many suggested Shaurya as well which is a combination of my name and my husband’s name Saurabh. But I wanted a unique name so Miraan it is.”

Whether she and her husband sat and decided what kind of parents they are going to be, Saumya Tandon revealed that this baby wasn’t a planned one and they were nervous of becoming parents without planning. Saumya stated, “We are going to be fun parents. We were very nervous as it was not a planned baby. We were nervous as we will be becoming parents without planning for it. I was very nervous also because we are very sweet, little people so we were very scared of bringing a new life.” (Also Read: Anshula Kapoor Plans A Birthday Surprise For Her Jaanu, Janhvi Kapoor, It Is All About Sister Love)

Saumya Tandon was quoted as saying, “It's a huge responsibility. But now, we both got very excited because we are going to have fun with him; we are going to be fun parents, and we are going to travel with him. And of course, we decided that how he will be with both of us so that both of us can work. I mean, I plan to work soon. So, I and my husband mutually decided how to manage on the days I am working and the days he is working. We have to be partners in parenting.”

Elaborating on the support she is receiving from her husband, Saumya Tandon had stated, “I also feel the husbands need to be more supportive. It's high time that the men also help their wives at home. Women have learnt how to balance both the worlds outside and house. Men need to be a little proactive. Even they should come ahead and say if you are breastfeeding the baby let me do the burping or let me change the nappy. I feel this way a woman can have a happy family and a happy career. Saurabh is surprisingly very good. He is chipping in and excited about handling all the responsibilities. He does all that he can especially during the weekend because weekdays are very hectic. He has also told me he will work around his time so that even I can manage my work. I am at home for the next two months for sure.” (Also Read: Arjun Kapoor Shares A Birthday Wish For Half-Sister, Janhvi Kapoor, Says 'The World Is Your Oyster')

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Images Courtesy: Saumya Tandon