This woman skipped work for a self-care day. Then her video about it went viral.

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Savannah Cristina’s self-care skip day didn’t exactly go as planned.

The Florida native decided to play hooky from work recently. The singer and songwriter was “going through a lot” so she put her mental health first and went to the beach with her equipment, performing a song in front of the crashing waves about the importance of self care.

“I felt like I was neglecting myself. I felt like as a woman, as a person, I was neglecting my feelings [and] my responsibilities that I had to myself. I was worried about my responsibilities as a lover, as a friend, as a daughter, as a sister, as an older sister, as a worker, as a student ‘cause I’m in college as well,” she tells Yahoo Lifestyle of her motivation to prioritize her feelings over work. “But I was neglecting my responsibilities as an individual.”

The video on Twitter received nearly 2 million views, validating her decision. “Music is my life. Music is my priority. I don’t care what else is on hold; I have to do what I have to do and that’s exactly what I did and it actually ended up getting more traction than my last video, which also went viral and I was like ‘wow.’ I made a sacrifice and the timing was perfect and now here I am,” she says.

Many social media users were touched by Cristina’s music and some even expressed their appreciation for her sacrifice. One user thanked her for taking a day off from work to create the song and another proclaimed that Cristina was going to be her “new obsession.”

It was quickly apparent that her song “Self Care” was touching more people than she could have imagined. For Cristina, that was the whole point.

“The message I wanted to get across in my video and the rest of my music is just showing people that you can just find a place to be at peace and create,” she explains. “It doesn’t matter where you are in life and the video is metaphorical. So, it doesn’t matter where you are, you can still sit down and process your feelings [letting] them out in a productive way.”

With viral fame comes IRL attention and needless to say, it was not long before word of Cristina’s self-care day got back to her boss and she was called into the office to speak to her supervisor about her video. She said that management was not upset, but she did feel like it was time to take an important step to go after her dreams.

“It’s been a long time coming with that job and they know what I do,” she admits. “They were, I felt, trying to stifle my creativity, or be too involved in my personal life like ‘You don’t know when I shot that. You don’t know anything. So you’re way too in my grill,’ which is only more confirmation to not work here anymore. So you can imagine, after that conversation they were waiting for me to have like our main manager come in, but I just never went back, so they won’t be seeing me.”

With more free time on her hands, Cristina plans to release more music.

“I just want people to follow me, follow my music and follow my journey,” she says. They’ll definitely be learning more about me in the upcoming months as I get more shine. But you know, I’m just a regular girl from Florida [and] I’ve overcome a lot of things. The only way I’ve been able to overcome the day-to-day stupid jobs, stupid boyfriends, annoying co-workers and all the regular things, school and student loans all that stuff is through music. And I just want to show [people] that I made it out of mental boundaries, depression, anxiety and just the things we go through as young millennials. And I’m a minority, so it’s just being an inspiration and showing people you can channel your pain into positivity, productivity and profit because you profit emotionally from putting yourself out there.”

Check out more of Cristina’s music on Spotify and her YouTube channel. Her song “Self Care” is available now on Apple Music!

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