Who Will Save Us From the Coronavirus Quarantine? Puppy and Cat Videos

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— iqra (@iqraanabi) March 15, 2020

Cypriot dog that walks itself with a drone

A less spoken about consequence of the coronavirus quarantine is how pets have been coping with being locked up indoors all day. That is all pets except for this dog, who lives with a very innovative man in Cyprus.

In a video that’s been going viral for the last couple of days, a small white dog is being walked down the street, not by its owner, but by a drone, operated by Vakis Demetriou.

The man is standing safely on his balcony, while the little dog enjoys its walk on the deserted street. Captioned, “Stay Home but don’t forget your dog’s happiness”, the video was taken by Demetriou’s daughter, and uploaded on Facebook, before it was shared across social media.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, a donkey, and a horse

When Arnold Schwarzenegger gave us the famous catchphrase “I’ll be back”, in 1984’s The Terminator, not too many expected him to return with a tiny donkey and a pony by his side.

But apparently the 72-year-old former governor of California, and one of the biggest action stars of the last couple of decades, has been social distancing along with his two adorable pets, Whiskey and Lulu. We first see them in this video clip he shared five days ago urging everyone to stay indoors as much as possible.

And as a follow up to this PSA, Schwarzenegger shared another video this morning, in which he’s seen feeding the two food off his plate, a video that has led to Twitter users saying that if there was anything good to come out of this pandemic, it’s this.

Meanwhile, the TV channel Animal Planet has decided to devote the next 96 hours to showing it’s adorable programme “Too Cute”, while zoos and aquariums across the world continue to livestream different enclosures to the public. Sure it isn’t easy being stuck indoors for weeks, but animal videos like these do make it a whole lot easier.