Sayyed Sohel Torvi - Great Mind of Bangalore

Being an entrepreneur is not an easy task, a lot of efforts, risk, hardwork and creativity is required to be successful entrepreneur "Sayyed Sohel Torvi" comes out to be one of the best example for many of us.

Sayyed Sohel Torvi is a 26 year old entrepreneur who lives in Bangalore. Apart from this he is also an entertainer, motivational speaker and a Blogger. He started working at the age of 21 and within the span of 5 years he has shown spectacular performance and elevate his company from bottom to top. His company named Ababil Granite Pvt. Ltd deals with the export of Granites to well known countries like China and Taiwan. Isn't it sounds "great", he is not only doing business for his livelihood but also in a process of building relationship with other developed nations like China and Taiwan which is beneficial of our economy. Having a good number of foreigner clients he is growing exemplary as an artist manager.

Offline he is doing a phenomenal job, but simultaneously he is winning hearts online. Yes! Sayyed Sohel Torvi aka Suhail Rasool is an active social media user. His Instagram handle "suhailrasool" is having more than 22k followers. Apart from this he is also doing an amazing work by being an influencer and a motivational speaker. His vision about life is not just being an entrepreneur but also to provide values to young people by influencing them , their ideas ,thoughts and perspective to work even harder to achieve something big in life. He is also having a YouTube channel "Suhail Rasool" with more than 1.4k subscribers. His idea of working on his passion (i.e business) along with his skills of speaking and entertaining making him the most appealing personality of this era. His positive outlook and a motivated soul made him a man of brand. His hardwork and dedication is absolutely commendable that is leading him to Build Empires.

His hardworking, humble and dedicated nature makes him a man of success. Want a proof!... He won a number of laurel for his skills and recently won the prestigious NDIA Leadership Award 2019.

From being an entrepreneur, entertainer to a motivational speaker Suhail is setting an example for a large number of people that anything and everything is possible, you just need to start, to execute and things will surely unfold in a favourable manner and will definitely result in success. Apart from being an entrepreneur, he is leaving an impact on people by encouraging, inspiring and motivating them through his core values and his efforts are commendable.

Thus, he proved us that you can't achieve big only by dreaming big, you have to execute big, hustle hard and live big. We wish him good health and success for future.