Sazal Jain is planning to build and production house to promote young musicians and other talents

Today we are seeing lots of talent coming to the Music industry. Every day one new talent is knocking the door of the music world in India.

Our Indian Music is becoming more and more popular, and we are also getting more and more gifted singers too. Now the question is do we have enough production houses which can genuinely promote young talent.

The North Indian music Industry is growing faster and accessible than ever as talent is coming a large number. There are so many production houses which are promoting young talent, but again the question is the same is that enough?

Well to come over this problem one young celebrity of Haryana has come forward and decided to promote the people who are looking for a platform in the music industry. He is a renowned personage of Haryana "Sazal Jain".

Sazal Jain as we all know is a notable figure of Haryana who is known for his interest and social work. Sazal is a very kind-hearted person he has helped many young talents of Haryana. Sazal has also given a platform to many young stars who were struggling for space in the music industry. All the help which he has provided till now was on relation basis, and he has never taken credit for that.

Now Sazal has decided to start his own production house where he will support all the young talent of India. According to the sources, he has chosen a place for his production house too in Haryana. His Production will do all the marketing for the singers and musicians and help them collaborate them to big production houses and musicians.

It is so good to see people like Sazal are still living in India who genuinely wants to promote the talent of our country and give them a platform so that they can get the chance to perform internationally too.

Here' wishing Sazal Jain all the best for his beautiful project o promote young musicians of India and we hope that he gets success in this project.