How to Scale Sales Your Online Business to 8-Figures: Listen to Head Of Sales Aaron Civitarese

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With the advent of the Internet, anyone can become an online business owner. An online business is a great idea for those who like to have flexible working hours and complete control over their income. Not to mention the fact that such a livelihood option is more resilient to sudden crises such as the outbreak of COVID-19.

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And the hottest point in question now is how the ever-changing marketing and sales tools can be used for the proliferation of online business in 2021. To answer these questions, we sat down with 2 comma club member Aaron Civitarese, the first-rate enrollment director of an 8-figure sales team at BJKU that coaches thousands in e-commerce on a mission to impact 1 million lives.

Meet Aaron

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To manage a 8 figure sales team and host a Growth Mindset podcast all at the same time is no easy job. You can only succeed in so many different spheres only if you can lead by example. That example needs to be experience-based and inspirational.

Today, Aaron is the enrollment director of an 8-figure sales team that coaches thousands in e-commerce. Apart from this, he hosts a podcast dedicated to encouraging millions to ignite their passion for success through a growth mindset. And this is not all. Never willing to sit back and relax, Aaron launched a crypto-education platform to help people avoid scams and ensure they get the most out of the industry.

Motivation: The Key to Success

“All achievements are a matter of mental strength more than they are physical might, and to make it to the finish line and achieve your goals in life, you need to stick to your goal to the end, persevere through adversities and challenges,and stay grateful amidst difficulties”, says Aaron.

A Little Less Talk and a Lot More Action

Success comes to the one who acts. Consider this: what would be the value of the greatest philosophers’ thoughts if they never resorted to action to publicize them? What would remain of a sportsman’s dream to win a tournament if he’d never engage in such? The indispensability of action for success concerns every single realm of our lives, and surely that of online business too.

Use the 40% Rule to Maximize Potential

The 40 percent rule states that whenever your mind and body start to give up and you feel like quitting, you're in fact only at 40% of your true potential.

Aaron put it perfectly: “The 40% rule of mental toughness or the ‘Navy SEAL Rule’ suggests that when your mind tells you that you have completely exhausted your mental and physical abilities and cannot possibly move another inch, you have only used 40% of your efforts. This means all those times you thought you had pushed yourself 100%, you had only exhausted 40% of your potential. This rule works against our tendency to give up too quickly instead of pushing ourselves harder every time we ought to take on a challenge”, explains Aaron.

Aaron then set himself another mission: to be helping other people achieve the same scale of success, or even greater. This is what he does daily as an enrollment director of the best sales team at BJKU.

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