Scaramucci goes full attack mode on Trump: 'Not the right guy for America'

On Monday's AC360, former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci joined Anderson Cooper, doubling down on his baseball metaphors and continued to call upon Republicans to replace Trump on the 2020 ticket. "Let's move him to the side. He had a good six innings. He's throwing stuff at the backstop right now. He can't even hit the strike zone," explained Scaramucci.

Scaramucci labeled the president's recent El Paso, Texas, visit a "catastrophe" while speaking with MSNBCs Chris Mathews last week. In response, earlier Monday, Trump blasted Scaramucci on Twitter, as expected with all Trump rivals. But, the Mooch fired back with a heater of his own, accusing the president of losing his "fastball" and suggested, "It's time to call in a good relief pitcher."

"He's using the American presidency and the Twitter feed from the American presidency to go after his fellow citizens from the White House," said Scarmucci.

When the discussion shifted to race, Scaramucci pointed to the "send her back" chant as one of the more triggering moments of the Trump presidency, especially because of his immigrant grandmother.

Scaramucci and Cooper both agreed that type of language plays on racist tropes, but Scaramucci stopped short of labeling the president a racist. Instead, he chalked it up to Trump trying to play both sides, and possibly some narcissism. "He treats people like objects. There's no way he's a racist. Because when he's looking at you, he doesn't see color, he just sees a potential transaction, opportunity or detriment. That's not racism. That might be narcissism."

In the end, Scaramucci called for his fellow Republicans to "wake up out of their slumber." and start thinking about a Republican replacement for 2020. "This is not the right guy for America. I believe in the Republican party and Republican values, and we got to fix the party. So we need a new leader at the top of the ticket that can bring people together," said the Mooch.

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