Mother calls school 'ridiculous' for removing son from lessons over short haircut

Francesca Specter
Yahoo Style UK deputy editor
Jason Kirkbride pictured with mum Kelly Smith. [Photo: SWNS]

A mother has called her son’s school “ridiculous” after they banned her son from attending classes because of his haircut.

Kelly Smith says her son Jason Kirkbride got a “shorter cut” than usual at the barbers so that he could go longer between visits – opting for a number one grade on the sides of his head on Friday 27 September.

But when he returned to school on Monday 30 September, he was placed in isolation for three days – and only allowed back into lessons last Thursday.

School policy at Hodgson Academy in Poulton-Le-Fylde, Lancashire forbids pupils from having a cut shorter than a number two grade, meaning children face detention or isolation until their hair grows out.

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Of her son’s haircut, Smith says: "I feel [Jason’s] hair looks smart, fresh, neat and tidy. Not only that but having shorter hair is more hygienic.

“I don’t understand how a haircut could be distracting, or make my son not look smart unless it had some fancy designs or colour. It’s nothing to do with his education.”

Jason Kirkbride, 14, had a number one haircut on the sides of his head. [Photo: SWNS]
Jason's mum claims her son's short hair looks "smart". [Photo: SWNS]

She adds: “I find the school policy ridiculous, and a number two can be too long. This would mean regular trips to the barbers, and sometimes this is not possible. So a shorter cut would be better as it lasts longer.”

Jason is said to be “really upset” about the detention, while his mother argues that her son’s education should be “top priority” rather than his haircut.

“"I get this is not the end of the world but when did we start worrying more about which grade of hair cut a child received other than their education this should be top priority,” says say.

“Sometimes students have long unkept hair and can look untidy, again nothing to do with education more about personal preference.

"People say the school is getting children ready for the world of work, but I've never known a job not be given to somebody because of their haircut."

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Hodgson Academy refused to comment.

School uniform and appearance policies have been a hot topic since the school year started again last month. Recently, a school removed a girl from class for having trousers which were too short.