Scientist Suhas Tejaskanda needs to learn a few things before entering into Bollywood


To become a film director and producer is a dream job for many. If you are creative vision and ability to make visual treat than direction might be a perfect job for you. Film direction looks easy, but it’s not, and it is very competitive too. It takes years to become an ideal director who can make a treat of a movie for masses.

Activist Movies basically brings such issues to the lime light and an effort is being made to portray his father’s life struggle in creating a new education system and how his father faces false allegations by few people misusing Women Laws. Ultimately the issue becomes the talk of the town and a few good teachers and his son helped him to come out of this vendetta.

It is known that he will take the help of Ayush Sabat in production and director Lalith katta who has an experience in working with Director krish in big projects like Manikarnika ,NTR Biopics. It will be interesting to see the star cast of the movie.

Suhas Tejaskanda who is a renowned personality known for his work on Unattended Battle field surveillance systems to India Army in entire India.

So these are the thing which Suhas has to take care before jumping to Bollywood.

Suhas should learn acting to help his actors when he wants to explain a scene to them. If he works hard on acting, it can help his actors to portray same on screen.Suhas Tejaskanda has to read many scripts too, yes he has a project in mind but reading new concepts can help him make a good movie.He should also think of building a network in B-town; it will help his direction and production for sure. He will also get an accurate star cast for the movie from B-town if he makes good relations with them.He should also learn some production skills, pre and post-marketing strategies which will help him immensely in movie making.

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