Scientists Conduct Hourly Analysis On Sleep Deprivation, Find Surprising Results

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A proper night’s sleep is essential for a healthy body and mind. An improper sleep schedule affects mood, body functioning, mental abilities, and emotional state. It also has an impact on an individual’s decision-making and creativity. The signal, which your brain sends to parts of the body, may also be delayed. Sleep deprivation for a night also can ruin your following day and your functioning will be hampered. However, for some people, a good night’s sleep is not an option. No matter how early they go to bed, sleep is far away. Such individuals are knowns as insomniacs and the trait of ‘not being able to sleep is called insomnia.

Numerous researches have been carried out which highlight the importance of sleep for the human body. Now, a mattress company called Otty joined hands with Hussain Abdeh, who is a Clinical Director and Superintendent Pharmacist at Medicine Direct. The joint association of the two brought us a study that explains how ‘not getting enough sleep’ could affect the human body.

The company has created a CGI representation, through 4 graphics, to highlight the impact.

24 hour –

The first graphic showcases the state of the human body after 24 hours of poor sleep. Some common side effects are drowsiness, the brain’s processing is reduced, and the human brain is not able to concentrate. Individuals can also be more irritable while reacting to simple situations and face mood swings. Eyes get puffy due to water imbalance and the body faces neurological reflexes causing tremors and muscle twitching.

72 hour –

If the body does not get a good amount of sleep for 72 hours straight, then the brain starts having complex hallucinations. Individuals might feel the low mood, paranoia, and depersonalisation, which is basically the feeling of losing control over your sense organs. Moreover, the skin gets paler, vision is blurred, and eyes start aching badly. Muscle contraction experienced in 24 hours could get acute.

1 week –

Sleep deprivation for 1 week severely affects the brain. Individuals are not able to feel any kind of amotion and the feeling of detachment from the present is increased. The moisture level of the body is also affected, and the skin gets drier, due to sleep deprivation and change in natural PH balance. The quality of collagen produced in the body also drops, and wrinkles can start to appear on the skin.

1 month –

People who face sleep deprivation for a month, very frequently face stress and anxiety, and in some cases, it leads to panic attacks. Hallucinations continue and it just keeps on getting worse. Individuals fail to differentiate between reality and what’s in their minds. The body experiences extreme sweating, rapid weight loss, and irregular bowel functions. In females, the hormonal imbalance, due to improper or poor sleep, can cause sudden menopause.

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