SCOOPED! Blame Game continues

The industry has seen many star kids being launched by big filmmakers. Sometimes father chooses to launch the kids or their friends, who have lot of connections in the industry choose to launch them. This actress, whose father too is an actor, was launched by one of the big stars few years ago in the big bang.

Her debut film, featured another newbie star kid and it created a lot of buzz in the industry not just because of her launch but because of the getting a launch by a big star.

Unfortunately the film did not do too well and the actress too hardly got any appreciation for her role. She has been struggling to get good roles since then and waited for an opportunity to knock on her door for a long time.

In between she got a chance to be part of one of romantic-comedies with another star kid. The film did average business but once again she did not receive desired feedback for her role.

Later her father stepped into the scene and chose to invest money in her next film indirectly, which featured her along with a senior talented actor, who is known for his acting skills.

During the shoot father was not too happy with the things are happening and decided to speak to the team and that is when the problem started between him and the film makers.

The maker of the film was upset with the actor interfering in his project and spoke about it in the media. While the actor denied all this and the cast and crew finished shooting for the film and released it recently, but the blame game between both parties is still on.

The maker feels that the actor and some crew members have ganged up against him and are spreading negative news about the film. He also feels that the actress was not professional and that is why these rumours of issues between the team members have started doing the rounds. On the other hand the actress has denied all this and has decided to keep mum on the controversy.

The entire episode has clearly not helped the film as it has not got expected response, so let’s hope that both parties have learnt their lesson from this and will not repeat the same mistake in future.