Sean Raymond – How This 17-Year Old Ecommerce Prodigy Is Growing Online Businesses to Multiple 7-Figures

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Ecommerce consulting & online marketing are no easy jobs. In order to excel at them, you need to master the perfect combination of experience and expertise. Now, I used to think that these fields were simply the realm of fully-grown adults. That is, until I met Sean Raymond… the young, self-made entrepreneur who gave up his hobbies as a teenager to dedicate himself to taking on these fields, and… believe it or not, has become incredibly good at them. Sean’s business Goodlife Agency has already scaled multiple online businesses past 7-figures, and has proven to be a safe bet for business owners looking to massively grow online.

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Inspired by his older brother, Sean followed his example of excelling in sports and education, which caused him to always want to be better. This helped him start developing the disciplined, self-motivated drive that led him into being an entrepreneur focused on continued improvement and lasting success. It took Sean a lot of effort to learn the inner workings of the e-commerce market and being a business owner. However, in doing so, he knew one thing for sure—he had to keep going no matter what.

Why Opt for E-Commerce

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We’ve already seen big brands diminish due to their inability to make sales online. After all, who needs Radio Shack when we have Amazon? Nowadays, any successful brand needs to be popularized online. The benefits of your brand’s online presence include:

- Simplicity. A good website has everything where it needs to be, and is therefore navigable for the user. On top of this, business employees can easily manage and track inventory & which products are currently active in the store.

- Targeting. A business paying for a billboard has no idea how well that billboard is performing, or if people even care about what it says. However, a business paying for an online ad knows exactly how well the ad is performing, how many people saw it, clicked on it, liked it, commented on it, shared it, and more! The difference is quite obvious, and any successful business these days knows the value of online ads & digital marketing.

- Insight. All metrics related to a store (revenue, conversion rates, best selling products, etc.), as well as Ad Performance Data, and Customer Insights (demographics, keywords/phrases, creative elements, etc.) can be easily collected and analyzed.

And the list of benefits goes on.

“The primary advantages of Internet marketing include in-depth insight into your customer base, as well as the powerful high-ROI returns that we consistently produce for our clients. The ability to measure and track results, the capability for post-click analysis, and the ability to optimize results ad after ad, are just a few of the benefits of online marketing that I attribute to the stellar results that we’ve been able to generate for our clients”, Sean tells us.

Getting Expert Help is A Safe Bet

Sean founded Goodlife Agency with a great understanding of the ecommerce space, different niche markets, and the ability to provide highly profitable ads & consulting to his clients.. From the day of its inception, he’s been steering the company to ever new heights with one principle in mind: to allow brands to scale to multiple 7-figures through a mix of ecommerce consulting & facebook ads, bettering their businesses along the way..

Goodlife Agency is devoted to providing its clients with continuous business development & growth. They base their success on unearthing the core values of the client’s brand, and combining that with the motivations & desires of the target audience..

“Emotions drive behavior… they move the whole world. People are not merely interested in the objective characteristics of your goods, but they are interested in knowing if a product fits their personality. This is why Goodlife Agency’s marketing is so effective. We strive to capture the essence of each client’s brand and translate it into understandable motivation for the audience; in other words, we take our client’s proven branding, and develop a deep emotional connection between their brands and audiences. When scaling to multiple 7-figures, the customer should become the essence of everything you do”, says Sean.


Sean Raymond’s Goodlife Agency provides top of the line consulting & marketing for online businesses, helping them grow to multiple 7-figures. With a proven track record, and a unique & powerful service, Goodlife Agency has become one of the best marketing agencies in ecommerce that any business owner would be lucky to have.

To start your brand’s route to multiple 7-figures & deeper customer understanding, you can book a call 1-on-1 with Sean at the Goodlife Agency official website.

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