10 reasons why Yoga is becoming popular by the day, from Tokyo to New York

Image may contain: sky and outdoor
Image may contain: sky and outdoor

The Prime Minister attracted over 50, 000 of young and old Indians, in the early hours of Wednesday to inhale some fresh air, stretch a little, bend some more and celebrate International Yoga Day at Lucknow’s Ramabai Ambedkar ground.

Yoga, a heritage handed over to us by our ancestors, with its multitude of benefits is woven integrally into the fabric of Indian culture since the inception of Bharat. As geographical boundaries blurred, this ancient form of exercise transcended to continents afar to be adopted by billions and routined into daily lives.

Ever wondered why at all this primeval practice gained such widespread popularity? Well, let’s understand why?

  • Unlike many cultures, we don’t get all worked up in the name of “Cultural Appropriation”. Discounting a few exceptions, rather, self-professed religious spokespersons, Indians feel elated while sharing their culture and knowledge with the external world.

  • Yoga is not a way to achieve great physical measurement only. It aims at taking its practitioner to a status of absolute wellbeing – physical as well as mental. Many postures and mudras, like the Savashana or Corpse Pose and Padmasana or the Lotus Pose drain out the mental pollutants and helps the mind attain peace and relaxation.

  • Yoga is easy on the pocket. It doesn’t call for hi-end work out machinery leaving a gaping hole in the pocket, even the fancy yoga mat is an extravagance. One can use any basic mat lying neglected in some inconspicuous corner of the house, a pair of cotton garb that allows comfortable breathing and a plain surface exposed to an ample supply of oxygen – that’s all.

  • A practitioner can get into these postures at any time of his choice. Though preferred at sunrise, Yoga can be performed at any hour of the day, just not on a heavy stomach. People these days try earning options beyond the conventional 9 to 5 jobs, their days start at odd hours and nights often begin with dawn. The traditional regime followed by the sages of India is flexible enough to fit into the non-traditional lifestyle of people from all walks of life.

  • The ones engulfed in their 9 to 5 jobs, spending days on a chair, in front of a laptop often complain of neck pains, and backaches. Realizing that Yoga treats these ailments like magic, many corporates have inculcated it into their culture and hold regular sessions of 30 minutes to one hour where groups of employees are scheduled to perform easy poses at their bays or work on some interesting chair yoga possess. Yoga has thus reached even those who might not otherwise keep up with the changes experienced by the larger world.

  • With time, scientific researches have proved that regular practice of yoga can save human body from numerous diseases that mainly target the urban citizens; diabetes, cholesterol, arthritis, and obesity are just a few names in the long trail. No one relishes popping one pill after another, hence, more of the city dwellers in the western civilization are turning toward this natural remedy.

  • Men, women, and children are benefitted from yoga alike. It bears no negative results in anyone. For the longest time men courted the idea of Yoga turning them softer and feminine with all those flexibilities and tenderness. The ancient practice, on the other hand, not only proved them wrong but also struck a chord with those seeking super masculinity by enhancing their physical durability and muscular strength.

  • Looking at Yoga from a philosophical point of view will open doors for greater discussions, for it emphasizes on man’s equation with the universe at large. It connects the infinity within a human mind to the infinity beyond the galaxies and train the mind to gain complete awareness of the world around and yonder.

  • Yoga has spiraled into a viral sensation across globe for it celebrates a conscious community united by music and meditation, together that lead towards the supreme spiritual accomplishment. Though, the roots of this practice is found in Hinduism, Yoga is free from any religious repressions. Its secular nature has kept it through the test of times, and is now getting it massive popularity even among those who do not practice Hinduism.

  • Yoga, if not as a means of everyday work out, has been adopted by people from Tokyo to Tehran as a stress buster, as an uplifting sporting activity that brings people together. It motivates people from within and that is why citizens, even in war torn countries, find peace in practising Yoga every now and then.

With so many wondrous results, it wasn’t surprising that the United Nations nodded to Modi’s suggestion and declared the longest day of the year as International Yoga Day. Good that we made Yoga royalty-free – for we have a big heart and we attained that with regular practice of Yoga.