The Secret To Being Happy at Work - Miles Mather, Top Rated UK Career Coach

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Over the last five years, Miles has worked with hundreds of people to help them find purpose, greater excitement, and energy in their careers. He has twenty thousand followers on LinkedIn. For Miles, it’s a lot of fun and incredibly rewarding to witness the changes people make.

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Miles shared, “People want to work with me because I unlock the exciting possibilities which already live inside them!

How many of us can honestly say we reflected carefully on what we want to do for a living?

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We have based our career decisions on a strong personal awareness of our values, needs, and desires.

That we chose to follow exciting dreams over safety, money, or just going with the flow?”

The Danish philosopher Kierkegaard said:

“What I really need is to get clear about what I must do. What matters is to find a purpose, to see what is the crucial thing; a truth, the idea for which I am willing to live and die.”

“Often, we see our present situation as a reality we are tied to for the future; we are stuck.

It took me several years to retrain professionally and elegantly carry out a risk-free career change from a senior corporate career into coaching,” Miles said.

He continued, “As the sole breadwinner and father of three, it wasn’t obvious how to even start. But, as it turned out, where there was a will, there was a way!

This coaching work helps my clients find greater fulfillment in their careers. I like to listen with curiosity and learn about their lives and offer them the chance to revisit incorrect assumptions they might make about their options. As we rediscover ourselves and find more purpose, we can draw better on our best strengths in an empowering and authentic way. This unlocks so much potential.”

Miles is a firm believer in “finding more meaning for ourselves by increasing our self-awareness. As we start to garner greater control over our thoughts, we dismiss the negative self-talk which suppresses our potential. It is incredible how powerful self-belief and optimism can be. If we can also better understand past behaviors, we overcome mental barriers, and even more becomes possible for us.

If the true aim of our lives is fulfillment or what the ancient Greeks called ‘Eudemonia,’ then we are really on to something with a focus on a purpose-led career.”

So what is the secret formula?

It starts with self-awareness, then self-management, as people learn to relate to others properly. Finally, they can truly contribute meaningfully and in a way that sits authentically for them as an individual.

In short, it takes lots of structured reflection and developing an understanding of what they really want, what is holding them back, how to frame an exciting goal, and overcome the obstacles between where they are and where they want to be!

Miles runs his busy coaching practice from Farnham, Surrey, England. Text 07973 490 471 or email to learn about how to join his waiting list.

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