Section 375 Movie Review: A Sensitive Subject Depicted With Extreme Honesty, This One's A Must-Watch

section 375 review

Rape is said to be the fourth most common crime in India. Every 2 minutes, there’s a rape happening in some part of the country. While the number of rape cases has been on an increase, the conviction rate for rapists has been on a decline. This is a cause of worry. Filmmaker Ajay Bahl’s latest offering Section 375 delves deeper into not just a rape case, but the consequences that follow.

A rich and powerful filmmaker Rohan Khurana (Rahul Bhat) calls over his junior costume assistant Anjali Vasudev Dangle (Meera Chopra) at his lavish residence and sends off his maid to buy some groceries. What follows next in the course of 20 minutes is what drives the narrative ahead as Anjali files a rape case against the director. The entire procedure of investigation is covered with the minutest detailing. Due to the absence of the lady examiner, we're shown how a man asks the most uncomfortable questions to the victim in a brutally straightforward manner, right in presence of her mother, who's helpless yet seeks to gain justice for her daughter. You feel for the victim and her family.

section 375 movie review

Richa Chadha as the public prosecutor Hiral Mehta is on a mission to get justice to the raped victim.  On the other hand, we have Akshaye Khanna, criminal lawyer Tarun Saluja who is of the opinion that, "Convicted rapist ka bhi constitutional right hai ki unhe proper legal defence mile."

section 375 movie review

The court proceedings uncover several hidden facets and hinges on the theory that just facts don't suffice at times when dealing with sexual crimes. Akshaye gives a restrained yet powerful performance while Richa Chadha is impressive as she goes about explaining statistics of rape cases in India to prove her point. Their arguments in the court are valid and brutally honest. Rahul Bhat essays the role of the rape accused filmmaker, while Shree Swara plays his wife.

section 375 movie review

The film not only brings to the forefront the grim reality of how rape cases are solved in our country, but also depicts some hard, untold facts which will disturb you.

section 375 movie review

Section 375 is a hard-hitting film which will raise several questions in your mind. A must-watch!

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