Seda Ozen Announces Biggest Makeup Trends and Tools for Summer 2021

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Famous beautician and author Seda Ozen said, "Because of Covid-19, we are preparing to leave behind a long time when we spend most of our time at home. While trying to adapt to the new normalization, we have already started to renew makeup tools, products and trends. If you also want to feel this sense of renewal in your makeup, I will tell you about the most trending makeup of the summer of 2021."

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If you want to reflect your inner summer passion on your face, we recommend that you take a look at the information below. If you're ready, let's get started!

Famous Beautician and Author Seda Ozen said, "It is true that we spent almost two years on our sofas and in our pajamas at home. We may even have forgotten where and how to put on make-up. But now, with the start of the normalization process, it's time to remember to put on make-up, follow trends and remember summer combinations." Famous beautician and author Seda Ozen said that although it is difficult to predict the makeup trends that will be popular this year, comfortable and attractive makeup styles will come to the fore.

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Here are the light but very effective makeup trends predicted for next summer!

“I Woke Up Like this” Makeup

Simple and smooth-looking natural makeup is set to be a trend that will save you from the heat in the summer of 2021. Famous beautician and author Seda Ozen reflects this feeling with light and flawless makeup, believing that this summer's makeup-free look will be everywhere. Mostly clean and hydrated skin, slightly flushed cheeks, neutral-colored lips, combed brows and wavy lashes, this fresh-looking makeup trend makes you look youthful and effortlessly flawless.

Luminous Peach Toned Blushes

Of course, it is impossible to talk about the summer heat and not to include luminous blushes. If we want to achieve a fresh and attractive look, the best way is to choose peach tones and a sun-shine blush. Your skin, which shines with natural light during the day, will add a starry atmosphere under the spotlights in the evening.

Opt for Concealers Instead of Foundation

If we are now waiting for a summer in which naturalness but also sparkle comes to the fore, it would be most reasonable to use a concealer suitable for your velvety skin tone instead of foundation that aggravates the skin and disperses during the day. Water-based concealers reflect naturalness; while on the other hand, you get a smooth skin.

Vibrant Colors in the Eyes

Summer temperatures inspire positivity and bright colors. For this reason, famous beautician and author Seda Ozen thinks that one of the hottest looks of the summer will be preferred in the makeup trend, where multi-decked eye shadow layers are a combination. The best way to unleash this gorgeous, sunset-inspired makeup trend is to pair it with a headlight that can be used as a neutral-colored lining.

Satin Lips Are Favorite of This Summer

Famous beautician and author Seda Ozen has another trend forecast for the summer, as well as a make-up item that most of us prefer to take off completely throughout the pandemic: lipstick. You couldn't use our favorite lipsticks for a while because you had to wear a mask. Now, with the new normalization process, it will be possible to completely remove it first in restaurants and cafes, perhaps later.

According to London Seda Beauty Salon…

Famous Beautician and Author Seda Ozen, the lipstick look that we will see a lot this summer will be satin lips. She believes that satin-colored lipsticks, a unique mix between glossy and matte, will be one of the most ideal lipstick trends for summer, as they are less likely to melt and smudge.

Cream or Gel Blush Instead of Powder

Enliven your makeup with a touch of color on your cheeks. Blush is really the best aid to bring light make-up to the fore and add sparkle to your look. This summer, Famous Beautician and Author Seda Ozen says that using cream or gel blush instead of powder is the best way to add a natural glow when choosing blush.

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