Seducing Mr Perfect, My Sassy Girl, Whatcha' Wearin? - Five Korean Romantic Comedies We Would Love To See Ranveer Singh And Deepika Padukone In

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Before we begin this piece, we would like to make it clear that we don't condone remakes of any form, especially if it's a South Korean gem. But when it comes to Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh, we feel they are ideal for so many Korean romantic comedies that we couldn't resist the urge to predict what would they be like in some of the best Korean romantic comedies. Why? Ranveer and Deepika have a charm that is unmatched. If Ranveer is fire, Deepika is ice, if he is rough, she is smooth, if he goes rowdy, she can tame...all that makes them a perfect couple to be part of any remake of a South Korean movie remake. After all, Bollywood eats, sleeps, and breathes remakes as originals require too much IQ. When Kubbra Sait Gatecrashed Ranveer Singh, Deepika Padukone’s Wedding ‘With an Invitation’

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So let's begin this list of five Korean romantic comedies that can easily fit this couple who are celebrating their wedding anniversary today.

Seducing Mr. Perfect

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Min Joon is hopelessly in love, so much so that it's self-destructive at times. But she gets cheated on and dumped by her boyfriend. It doesn't help her case that her boss, the dishy Robin, is shrewd and rude. But opposites do attract. Deepika hasn't really played such a wily character before if you don't consider Happy New Year while restrained, suave personality is not something that you will associate with Ranveer. This could just be the movie to help them push the envelope as an artist.

My Sassy Girl

We did have an unbearable remake of this classic SK romantic comedy in Ugly Aur Pagli. So a do-over is absolutely acceptable. Again imagine an average timid man who falls for a vivacious self-centered woman and the sparks that fly...Ranveer-Deepika anyway have enough spark between them, if you know what we mean!

Whatcha Wearin?

A mistaken sex call to a wrong number changes the life of a man and woman completely. We can totally see Ranveer on the other side of the phone having a lot of fun when Deepika calls him by mistake for some sex talk!

Penny Pinchers

This has Bollywood written all over it and even has reality in the mix. Song Joong-Ki plays a loser who takes money from his mother and wastes it on frivolous things instead of paying the rent while Han Ye-Sul plays a frugal girl who doesn't even take the bus to save money. They get into an unusual agreement to help each other and that strikes up a relationship. Song Joon-Ki's character here is right up Ranveer's alley and Deepika is a perfect fit for a frugal girl. This will be a sure-shot winner.


Let's add some supernatural or horror comedy to the mix as Bollywood is lately obsessed with this genre. Spellbound is about a girl who can see ghosts and a guy who is a street magician. The latter offers her to join his show and during the course of their time together, they develop feelings. It's an extremely sweet romantic movie with scary ghost plots which enhances the experience to another level.

We are pretty sure all Deep-Veer fans will agree that these movies can totally be made in India with Ranveer and Deepika. In fact, some of them could be better than the movies these people have already done so far.



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