See THIS Adorable Video To Know BLACKPINK’s Pre-Show Ritual That They Never Miss Doing!

Ruchita Ushakola
·1-min read

We know how global group artists have pre-show rituals of cheering, hugging, high-fiving, or any slogan and many other personal processes. Adding one of the biggest girl band BLACKPINK’s pre-show ritual that they do before entering onto the stage is so cute and crazy.

Recently, these four ladies appeared on The Late Late Show with James Corden and did a performance on ‘Pretty Savage’. Also, they sat down with the host and had a chat. There when they revealed their way of cheering up before any act when James asked the girls if they had any pre-show routines or rituals they couldn’t live without.

Lisa revealed that before performances, the girls would do a little “low-five”. Explaining what that low-five is, Lisa said isn’t your typical high-five they just gather their hands together like a normal cheer, BLACKPINK takes things as icy cool as they are and opts for a chill, low-energy “1, 2, 3, oh” instead. And this sounded so cute while Lisa was explaining!

Checkout the video below:

James also made sure to hype their concert up. BLACKPINK’s to host their first live stream concert real soon on January 31, 2021.