See What Your Favourite Colour Has to Say About It – Part 1

Nishtha Gupta
·1-min read

The world is a beautiful place filled with colours. Everyone has a favourite colour or maybe multiple favourites! A fun fact which you may or may not know is that each colour has a kind of psychology behind your fondness of certain colours. Let’s dive into the world of colours to see what they have to tell about you!

1) Purple

• Intuitive
• Charismatic
• A Ready Wit
• Contagious Creativity
• People’s Person

2) Black

• Private Person
• Dramatic yet Restrained
• Intimidating (you might seen Intimidating to others)
• Artistic
• Powerful (you have the ability to control situations and people)

3) White

• Organised
• Independent
• Minimalist
• Mindful and Wise
• Refined Taste

4) Red

• Driven and Determined
• Adventurous
• A Hopeless Romantic
• Born Leader
• Outgoing

5) Blue

• Loyal
• Warm and Friendly
• In search of Inner Peace
• Philanthropic
• Can’t be taken for Granted