See the Toyota Land Cruiser Motorcade Prince William Gets on Visit to Pakistan

Laura Sky Brown
Photo credit: ARIF ALI - Getty Images

From Car and Driver

  • Prince William and his wife, Kate, are on an official visit to Pakistan this week.
  • The royals are surrounded by Toyota Land Cruiser SUVs, some of which are clearly armored and satellite equipped to protect them.
  • Proof that there'll always be an England: the couple stoically stick to the Range Rover as their personal ride.

The second in line to the British throne, Prince William, is in Pakistan this week with his wife, Kate, and you care because? In this case, it's just interesting to note the level of security that accompanies them in the form of a phalanx of Toyota Land Cruisers surrounding their vehicle.

And to notice that their vehicle, of course, is a Range Rover, the top end of the Land Rover lineup, proving their Britishness.

They played some cricket, they visited areas where climate change is affecting a glacier in northern Pakistan, they rode in this colorful traditional rickshaw in Islamabad. Who doesn't want a ride in that? Nobody.

Photo credit: AAMIR QURESHI - Getty Images

Still, the security picture is far different from a simpler time, 1984, when Queen Elizabeth, William's grandmother, made an official visit to Canada. Look how far back the motorcade was then.

Photo credit: Tony Bock - Getty Images

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