See Viral Video: A Dog Sitting Outside At Maharashtra Temple, Shake Hands And ‘Blesses’ People!

Ruchita Ushakola
·1-min read

There’s nowhere doubt that animals are witnessed to God, especially the dogs. Who is equal to God and I think this is one of the examples, one street dog blesses and shake hands with people.

Outside Siddhatek Ashtavinayak Temple from Maharashtra state, a dog sits at the same place every day to greet visitors to the temple it shakes hand and even blesses people coming out from the temple. This is so rare to witness yet cute and this viral video is saying it all.

One Instagram account, small to big tails, it is platform who discuss legal issues related to animals and they posted a video of this magical dog.

See video:

Isn’t that amazing and sweet? Being human we didn’t know how to be nice and this animal is teaching us how to treat every person with same gesture be they are nice or not.