I have seen people's marriages breaking in front of me because of news: Akshay Kumar

Akshay Kumar has launched song Sauda Khara from his new film Good Newwz. During an interaction Akshay spoke about his films, song, box office numbers and other important topics.

Did you add that Nagin dance on your own in the song Sauda Khara Khara?

I had seen it in one of the wedding videos, where one guy was doing this nagin dance. He sat on horse in front of the groom and did this dance. The only difference is that he was drunk and I wasn't. It was interesting; he collected all money which was given to the groom. I still have that video clip and we decided to do it in this song. It was a difficult thing to do because it puts a lot of pressure on your back. But it is worth trying.

Is it risky to work with new director?

I always look for greed in the directors, what he wants to do. When they are new, they are raw, his ideas are new, and he is ready to give his all to the film that is what attracts me. Raj Mehta is 21th new director for me. I have worked with 20 new directors in past. There is a risk involved in working with known directors as well. There is no guarantee that their film will also work for sure. It completely depends on how much you are involved in the script and what all you want to give. I have seen some old directors become contain, they are not in space of doing something new.

Do you choose such films purposely?

8 million babies have been born through IVF.There are many couples who cannot conceive, for them it is a blessing. Our film will spread awareness about it because lot of people still doesn't know. All these issues if we present with humour it works otherwise it looks like a documentary. People like it when it will have songs, action and emotions. Whatever message you want to give you can pass on smoothly. Nobody has made a film on IVF. I have seen of you tell all these things in a funny or light way it affects people. However I don't go and look for such subjects, I like anything which is out of the box.

There has been talk about you are going to be the highest moment earner of this year, what do you have to say about this?

If a film works then nothing like it. I will not say Rs. 200-300 crore are just a numbers, it does affect me. But I do films which are made with limited budgets. Like this film is made with only Rs.37 crore. Then it doesn't become a burden for others. Sooryavanshi is an expensive film. But I try and do films with limited budgets.

You also did a video on a news recently, what made you do it?

It was not planned, when I read that news Rohit Shetty was sitting next to me. I told him see what has been written that you and I have had a fight. So let's fight, within fifteen minutes we posted that video as well. Sometimes I feel if people think about it. I am not saying everyone writes wrong news but sometimes one wrong news can affect someone's career or relationships. I have been working in the industry for 30 years and because of these news I have seen people's marriages breaking in front of me. Sometimes there is no truth to it.

I just want to say just be little careful about it as we all are like a family and I am positive person. I never thing anything negative about anyone even though I had once given 14 flops films in a row. But I always got work because people used to think since this guy comes on time let's give him work not because I was a great actor. I got work due to my professionalism.

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