Have you seen this remixed version of 'Up' yet?

Shubham Dasgupta
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Have you seen this remixed version of
Have you seen this remixed version of

19 Feb 2021: Have you seen this remixed version of 'Up' yet?

Pixar has given a great surprise to fans of the critically acclaimed animated movie Up.

The brand uploaded Pixar Remix: Up, a short-form retelling of the original film, spanning for a little less than 2 minutes.

The heavily anime-based treatment of the emotional story has given it a whole new positive vibe, thus getting viral instantly.

Here are more details.

Marvelous retelling: Video focuses on positivity in the film

The video gives the least space needed to sum up the beautiful yet heart-wrenching relationship between movie characters Carl and Ellie.

Made in a slice-of-life manner, it treats Ellie's demise as just one episode of all the upcoming exciting adventures awaiting Carl.

The video then moves ahead with Russell, dog Dug, the flying house, Alpha, mysterious birdie Kevin, and the big baddie Charles F. Muntz.

Amazing response: It has gone viral, unsurprisingly

Everything from the character appearances to the clash sequence reminds you of the regular anime fight scenes and the bustling excitement.

The video was uploaded to the official social media handles on YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram.

The video has received over 371,000 views on Twitter and over 43,000 views on YouTube as of now.

No voice over: The visuals are absolutely stunning

Another exciting aspect of the video is that it doesn't include actors voicing their respective roles.

Instead, it relies on stunning visuals and expressive animation to help fans revisit the 2009 animated film in a new light.

"Does that mean we're getting anime versions of all the other Pixar films!? (sic)" a user commented on the YouTube video.

Movie: 'Up' spin-off 'Dug Days' coming this year

The film, which won two Oscars in 2010 for its music and in the best-animated feature film category, is getting a spin-off to be aired on Disney+.

Named Dug Days, this will be a CGI series based on the fan-favorite character of Dug, who is adjusting to the new life.

The movie is slated to premiere in the fall of 2021.