'Selfie Maine Le li Aaj' rapper Dhinchak Pooja celebrates her 26th birthday today

Remember Dhinchak Pooja? The girl who became an internet sensation after her song, 'Selfi maine le li aaj' hit 41million views on YouTube. She celebrates her 26th birthday today!

Though 'Selfie maine le li aaj' hit 41 million views, and 'Dilon ka shooter' hitting 14 millions, her other songs have not done so well on YouTube. The YouTuber was trolled on social media for her songs which has helped her trend across all platforms.

The Indian YouTuber was also seen on Bigg Boss 11 as a wild card entry only for a couple of weeks. On the show, host and Bollywood actor Salman Khan even tried his hands at rapping liker her but failed to match her tunes.