Senior residence bans loud laughter and talking, upsetting community: 'Some of us are hard of hearing'

Judson Goodrich was shocked to receive a letter from his senior community, requesting that residents to keep their voice down in common rooms. (Photo: 9NEWS)

Residents of a senior-housing community in Colorado were shocked and upset recently over the announcement of a new rule: no more loud conversation, television — or even raucous laughter.

"You’re talking about seniors, some of whom, myself included, are hard of hearing, and you can’t hear someone when they’re whispering," Joanne Jagt, whose sister lives in the community, told 9NEWS.

The ban, issued by the Boulder County Housing & Human Services, requests that all residents at the Kestrel community for residents 55 and over, in Louisville, restrict loud conversation, laughter, and television sound in common areas, and keep the volume to “library-level.”

Judson Goodrich, who has been a resident in the building for about a year, was upset by the memo he received.

"It upset me, it did indeed, because I thought that this was a social area and people were having a good time," he said. "It seemed quite shocking to me that suddenly, this has been declared a quiet area."

The property management and Boulder County Housing & Human Services provided the following statement to 9NEWS: "As is the case in any community, there are sometimes challenging conflicts between people, and at these times we have a responsibility to help ensure every Kestrel resident has an equal voice in keeping their community friendly and welcoming.

"Recently, Kestrel property management received several complaints from residents about excessive noise from large group gatherings adjacent to other residents’ homes.

"The letter from property management reminds all residents to be considerate of their neighbors’ comfort and reinforces that the Community Center is open and available for their use and enjoyment. As always, we are happy to meet with any resident who has questions about this agreement or to help find solutions to conflicts that arise."

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