The Sephora Spring Launches Our Beauty Editors Are Loving

Samantha Sasso

Spring equinox brings a whole lot more than just light showers and fresh flowers. By the time all the snow melts, the temperatures rise, and our open-toe shoes are in rotation again, many of us are already in the midst of a total transformation. That is, we get a new haircut or switch up our color, change our go-to mani shades, and overhaul our beauty routines.

Not to play favorites, but the latter is easily the most fun. Spring just (officially) started last week, but we’ve wasted no time sifting through the newest beauty launches. Luckily, Sephora is making it easy, because the store just refreshed its latest offerings — and it's a killer mix of brand new products and old favorites that finally made it into the black-and-white striped haven.

Want to know exactly what our editors are stocking up on for spring? Click ahead for the new Sephora buys we're already loving.

"I doubt I'm the only one that's craving a fresh new texture after season upon season of matte lips reigning supreme. This brand new Dior lip color is actually pretty revolutionary: It's glossy (but not thick or sticky) and crazy pigmented. I like Black Coffee, a violet-spiked black that feels elevated enough to wear to a fancy party, thanks to the slightly warmer color, but dark enough that you'll still look incredibly cool." — Lexy Lebsack, senior beauty editor

Dior Dior Addict Lacquer Stick, $35, available at Sephora.

"I'd like to think it was my gentle nudging towards my local Sephora employees that has finally brought this miracle gel into stores. (Yes, I ask almost every single time I pop in.) It's so strong that even the most wiry brows (like mine, which point straight down) stay in place. Plus, it never flakes and it lasts all day. Now, here's to hoping they can keep it in stock." — Lebsack

Make Up For Ever Brow Gel, $20, available at Sephora.

"So here's the thing about this foam: it's easy to overdo it and not know it until it's too late. Perhaps because it's very fun to apply, but I always go for too much. However, if you exercise some restraint (about a gold-ball size is all you need!) it's a miracle worker. Massage into dry roots until it dissipates and have fresh, soft hair — it's that simple." — Lebsack

Ouai Dry Shampoo Foam, $28, available at Sephora.

"Makeup stamps aren't exactly new, but Milk Makeup's are easily my favorite — and every design just hit Sephora! It's no wonder why some are sold out — who wouldn't want stars, hearts, or smiling faces on their cheeks? It's the quickest way to add some fun to an otherwise standard beauty look." — Samantha Sasso, beauty editorial assistant

Milk Makeup Tattoo Stamps, $12, available at Sephora.

"My complexion often looks tired and dull, which I blame on sitting in front of a computer all day, but this luxe face oil brightens things right up. It delivers a powerful punch of grapeseed oil to the skin, which means I've been waking up every morning with a fresh, rejuvenated complexion. I should also mention that I have crazy-sensitive skin, but this has been nothing but soothing — even though it's full of essential oils, which can irritate my skin when found in certain formulas." — Sasso

Caudalie VineActiv Overnight Detox Night Oil, $50, available at Sephora.

"I know it's nearly impossible to get rid of blackheads without an extraction, but this mask is shockingly gentle on the skin — and pulls out every bit of gunk in my clogged pores. It initially feels soft and creamy when you rub it on, but then dries to a clay-like texture. Once dry you actually scrub it away with warm water. The result is skin that feels like you just got a facial." — Sasso

Philosophy Purity Made Simple Pore Extractor Mask, $35, available at Sephora.

"I normally hate eye creams, but this one is light as air and easy on my sensitive eyes. I tap a bit around my orbital bone before bed and wake up with de-puffed bags and lighter circles. It's a keeper." — Sasso

Belief First Aid 360 Eye Care Mask, $36, available at Sephora.

"While I was transitioning from relaxed to natural hair, Vernon's Re-Vamp shampoo and conditioner brought my damaged strands back to life. Now, as I experiment with my curls for the first time ever, his Re-Vamp Moisture Spray is proving to be clutch, too. If I don't feel like spending an hour retwisting my hair before bed (which is most nights), I'll spritz my 'fro with the stuff and seal my ends with a cream. My curls instantly look fresher and defined, and I get to sleep in a little. Win-win." — Khalea Underwood, beauty writer

Vernon Francois RE~VAMP™ Moisture Spray, $32, available at Sephora.

"I'm super duper insecure about my dark spots from ingrowns, and am in the process of tweaking my skincare routine to banish them from my face once and for all. In the meantime, Nars' new potted concealer does the trick. After color correcting with a few dabs of orange-y concealer, I apply Dark Coffee with my ring finger, blend it out, and hit the door with confidence." — Underwood

NARS Soft Matte Complete Concealer, $30, available at Sephora.

"Sitting right next to our beauty director definitely has its perks. A few weeks ago, she let me pick a few pencils from her spread (that rivaled a rainbow, for the record), and I haven't looked back. Typically, if I wear a lip, it's gotta be a moody, liquid matte. But lately, I've been into shade 040: a rich toffee that goes on nude." — Underwood

Bite Beauty The Lip Pencil, $18, available at Sephora.

"Quickly wiping your body with a face wipe or damp washcloth will get you clean- ish on mornings you wake up late, but wiping your body with one of these will get you brand-spanking-new. They're oversized, so you can fold as you go and keep having clean squares to use. Plus, they're minty and citrusy and make you smell like you just jumped out of an Altoids tin. Honestly, after discovering these, I went two days without ever seeing a shower and I didn't feel like a disgusting excuse for a human being, so that's a big deal." — Alix Tunell, senior beauty editor

YUNI Shower Sheets Large Body Wipes, $15, available at Sephora.

"I made an overnight shift recently from wanting dewy, highlighted skin all the time to now only wanting matte (this could be due to the fact that the R29 offices are hot as hell and I sit next to a sunny window and sweat all day long), so setting powder is a necessity. I've tried pressed translucent powders before and they're always so damn hard to pick up with a brush that I end up just dipping into a loose powder and making a mess. Not this guy. Just a light swirl of my brush on top and I get tons of powder with no dusty, flying particle mess. It's the little things." — Tunell

Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Microfinishing Pressed Powder, $37, available at Sephora.

"You know those people whose names make absolutely no sense with their personality? Like a Kathryn with a lip ring, or a Sebastian without a trust fund. (Can you tell I just watched Cruel Intentions?) That's this fragrance. Linen Rose just sounds so vanilla to me. But in reality, the scent smells like ocean spray, sex, tanning oil, and Whispering Angel rosé. I love it so much I keep the full-size at home and a tester sample in my bag. " — Tunell

Aerin Linen Rose Eau de Cologne, $165, available at Sephora.

"First things first, this highlighter is absolutely gorgeous. The 3D-effect "prismatic" baked formula glimmers in the pan just as it does on your cheekbones. When swatched, the powders don't look like anything special, but they totally transform when applied with a highlighter brush to the skin. The effect is absolutely gorgeous strobing. My favorite shade? Ray of Light, a beautiful rose gold hue." — Mi-Anne Chan, beauty writer

Too Faced Love Light Prismatic Highlighter, $30, available at Sephora.

"If you're into sparkly, in-your-face highlighters, this fluid will be right up your alley. Unlike most liquid formulations, which can veer more dewy and sheeny than glimmery, this one has chunks of visible sparkle that light up your cheekbones. While it's not a highlighter I'd reach for every day, it is one I'd slap on for a fun night out. It also looks great tapped onto the inner corners of the eyes or on the eyelids." — Chan

Tarte Limited-Edition Tarteist™ PRO Glow Liquid Highlighter, $29, available at Sephora.

"Stellar was created specifically with medium skin tones in mind, meaning those of you middle-of-the-pack complexions will probably find an accurate match in the brand's lineup. My favorite product from the line is the brand's concealer, which features a doe-foot applicator that evenly distributes the perfect amount of product onto my skin. The medium coverage formula is creamy, blendable, and leaves a natural finish on my skin, while still covering up minor blemishes and discoloration." — Chan

Stellar Limitless Concealer, $27, available at Sephora.

"This mega-palette is a neutral lover's dream. It features 30 highly-pigmented shadows that range from matte mid-tone brown to shimmery peach to deep aubergine. It's the perfect palette for those who want to experiment with different Earth tones." — Chan

Too Faced Natural Love Ultimate Neutral Eye Shadow Palette, $59, available at Sephora.

"While I think it would be incredibly hyperbolic to say this moisturizer changed my life — it also wouldn't be entirely wrong. When I first started using this six months ago, I looked forward to the soothing, eucalyptus-scented cream every morning and evening, which motivated me to get more regimented about my skin routine. Now, I pair it with a prescription acne gel, and it's perfect for adding much-needed moisture back into my skin without clogging my pores. Four months later, my face is significantly clearer and smoother — and I'm so much happier as a result." — Cat Quinn, Beauty Director

Ole Henriksen Counter Balance™ Oil Control Hydrator, $34, available at Sephora.

"It's not often that you find a skin-care product that's as powerful and effective as it is beautiful to look at. That's why I'm so excited about this limited-edition SK-II Essence — which has the same brightening and softening formula, but housed in a bottle decorated with Japanese cherry blossoms. The best part: It's the same price as the original. Why wouldn't you upgrade your bathroom #shelfie?" —Quinn

SK-II Facial Treatment Essence Limited Edition Sakura, $229, available at Sephora.

"I’m picky — very picky — about perfume. I'd even go as far as to say I hate anything that smells explicitly of “perfume.” I almost exclusively wear single-note oils or the can’t-go-wrong Kiehl’s Original Musk, but when I want something that makes me smell fresh — I almost exclusively wear single-note oils or the can’t-go-wrong Kiehl’s Original Musk, but when I want something that makes me smell more fresh — and less like I’ve been rolling around in a stable with the butcher’s son — I slather on this lightly scented body milk and skip the rest. It has a soft, musky bottom note that feels familiar, with pretty jasmine and orchid on top, and the fact that it’s a thin lotion means it’s never overpowering as a fragrance." — Rachel Krause, beauty writer

Ellis Brooklyn Myth Excellent Body Milk, $55, available at Sephora.

"La piscine is French for “the swimming pool,” a place that I almost never go, and also the title of a chic, moody 1969 psychosexual drama starring Alain Delon, Romy Schneider, Maurice Ronet, and Jane Birkin. You can probably guess which one I’ll be aiming to channel when I swipe on this surprisingly pigmented berry-tinted balm, which keeps my lips soft, hydrated, and sealed on the subject of murder." — Krause

Tom Ford Clutch-Size Lip Balm, $36, available at Sephora.

"I have this theory about the type of people who love skin care vs. those who love makeup. Makeup lovers are adventurous and whimsical, whereas skin care devotees are more grounded and practical. Anyway, I love skin care — and I also love this serum. It’s lightweight, never sticky, and makes my city-dwelling skin look clearer, smoother, and more youthful. It may not be life everlasting, but it’ll do." — Krause

Caudalie Vine[Activ] Glow Activating Anti-Wrinkle Serum, $52, available at Sephora.

"My skin in winter is, to put it lightly, angry as fuck. Most days you’d find it dry, patchy, red, irritated, and in desperate need of this cooling gel from Clarins, which has plant extracts to soothe and hydrate almost instantly. It saved me these last few months, but now that it’s spring, I wouldn’t call it so much of a “need” as it is a “want” — a really, really, really big want." — Kelsey Castañon, beauty news editor

Clarins Hydra-Essentiel Cooling Gel - Normal to Combination Skin, $48, available at Sephora.

"I’m never after a highlight you can see from space, but on special occasions I’ll reach for an illuminating primer to make me look alive. The only rule, of course, is that it can’t look too obvious, which is where this one from Dr. Brandt comes in. It has a thicker consistency that helps hold my makeup in place, but still lends my skin the tiniest pearlescent sheen. (And it doesn’t hurt that it smells like heaven, too.)" — Castañon

Dr. Brandt Skincare Pores No More® Luminizer Primer, $38, available at Sephora.

"When it comes to my lips, you could say I’m the opposite of Kylie Jenner — I couldn’t do less if I tried. The only thing I consistently put on them is lip balm, so you can bet your ass you’ll never find me applying lip liner before lipstick. That’s what makes these dual-toned tubes from Benefit so genius: The tip is a shade darker than the rest of the lipstick and is slanted to hug the curves of your mouth, so — on days I’m feeling bold — the hard part is already taken care of. " — Castañon

Benefit Cosmetics They’re Real! Double The Lip Lipstick & Liner in One, $20, available at Sephora.

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