Serena Jenkins Motivates Women to Find Mental and Physical Alignment

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For as long as we can remember, women have been expected to have great-looking bodies at any cost. Dieting and exercising have been pointed out as two of the priorities their lives should revolve around. This belief completely disregards their mental health and the struggles they go through to achieve the expected body. Serena Jenkins is here to take women on a mental and physical alignment journey.

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Who is Serena Jenkins?
Serena Jenkins spent her childhood playing basketball and volleyball to later become a National Collegiate volleyball athlete. Her college career as an athlete led her to compete twice in the NAIA Final Fours and a National Championship Match. All the while she was doing her best in class as she graduated Cum Laude from Columbia College.

After graduation, she worked like many others as part of the corporate system in America. However, she soon realized this was not for her and she wanted to pursue a career in fitness. She began coaching volleyball on the club level while she worked towards receiving her Personal Training Certification. At the beginning of her career, she was a high school volleyball coach, and this led her to her dream job: coaching volleyball on a collegiate level at the University of Saint Katherine.

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During her time at Saint Katherine, Jenkins realized she wanted to be her own boss. Freedom was her true goal. That is when, with the help of her husband, she understood she was an entrepreneur at heart. Now she spends her time building and expanding her fitness brand, creating a Black Entrepreneurial Fund, and speaking up about police brutality.

Serena Hannah Athletics
As part of her entrepreneurial journey, Serena Jenkins founded the fitness brand Serena Hanna Athletics. Her main goal is to motivate women to begin a journey of mental and physical alignment.

Why did Jenkins decide to start this brand?

“I have spent my entire life coaching, training and competing against hundreds of women across Southern California. I’ve taken everything that I have learned and came up with personalized programs and products designed to not only build your dream body, but enhance your mindset so you can achieve everything you desire and deserve.”

The purpose of this is to inspire women to take back their power, gain control of their health, and get to where they want to be mentally and physically. That is why Jenkins designed different products to help women on this journey. Among those you can find ankle straps, booty bands system, non-slip booty bands, and resistance bands.

As a woman-founded fitness brand created for women, their motto is: “It’s a beautiful thing when women support one another.” Everything they do, every product they designed, is inspired by the desire to help women motivate one another while doing what is best for their minds and bodies.

Mental and Physical Alignment
In an era when everything is aimed towards having sculpted bodies, it is important to bring awareness to our mental health as well. Serena Jenkins has spent her entire life training and helping others reach their fitness goals, while simultaneously motivating them to find mental and physical alignment. With her brand Serena Hanna Athletics, she inspires women to reach their fitness goals while taking care of their mental health and having each others’ back. Every product is designed to make that journey an easy and effective one.