Seth Rogen shares how he avoided a conversation on Scientology with Tom Cruise

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Seth Rogen and Tom Cruise
Seth Rogen and Tom Cruise

Washington [US], May 13 (ANI): Canadian-American actor Seth Rogen recently mentioned in a podcast how he had avoided having a discussion with actor Tom Cruise on his belief system, Scientology.

As per Fox News, the 39-year-old humorist showed up on Howard Stern's public broadcast and opened up about visiting the 'Knight and Day' star's home for a meeting about him making a foray into comedy. He was asked to listen to a pitch about his religion, Scientology.

As detailed by Rogen, the meeting occurred while Cruise was still hitched to Katie Holmes, right "at the peak" of Cruise's fame.

The 'Lion King' actor remembered, "We met with him for hours and a few hours into the meeting, this Scientology stuff comes up. How weird he's looked in the press lately.... He goes, 'And it's like with Scientology.' He said: 'If you let me tell you what it was really about -- if you give me 20 minutes to really tell you what it was about - you would say 'no f****** way.''"

Rogen said he was baffled by Cruise's phrasing.

"I was like, is that a good thing to be saying? Is that a bad thing to be saying?" he said.

Fortunately, director Judd Apatow, who was also present, stepped in and declined the pitch.

"Woof, dodged that bullet," said the actor.

As revealed by Fox News, the awkward moment wasn't the lone explanation that the gathering was memorable for Rogen, but he also talked about the prior minutes entering Pitt's home.

"I halted mostly up the carport, sort of in the forested areas over Sunset Boulevard and I peed in a Snapple bottle in my vehicle and afterwards I sealed the bottle and left it there and proceeded to have a very absurd meeting with Tom Cruise, he said.

"So then as I was leaving the meeting, I was snaking back down the driveway and as I was passing the exact spot that I peed at, I noticed a red light in the woods. I looked, and there was a security camera literally pointed exactly where I was peeing in the Snapple bottle." (ANI)

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