Seth VanDaele Strikes Big With Digital Marketing Agency ‘Cormier Media’

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Seth VanDaele Brings In Fresh Waves Of Digital Marketing Advertising With Cormier Media

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Social media is one of the biggest “hubs” in the world. This is probably the best place to feed your curiosity, grow your community and be a part of a conversation. It’s quite amazing to see how efficient social media is and how it can help a business grow. Best used as a marketing tool, a customer support platform, and much more. Future and businesses go hand-to-hand when you have the best marketing partner to discover interesting ways to use social media for business and derive results from them.

One such marketing partner ‘Cormier Media’ stands tall among its competitions in the market today. This venture began during the pandemic in August 2020. The vision for Cormier Media is to help growing businesses scale up. The goal is to help small businesses to large corporations - streamline, automate, and increase revenue for the businesses they work with. They have been taking a huge initiative to create jobs to help their local economy, which is also a massive goal within Cormier Media. It is known that they have taken a conscious effort to make a difference in their community and worldwide, leaving no stone unturned.

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One Of The Founders Behind Cormier Media

Seth VanDaele, a lad from Boissevain moved to the city - Brandon, Manitoba after his graduation. It was then, he found a job at a construction site with a concrete company. Working there gave him an unreal work ethic. Seth was a young ambitious man who would keep a check on how he spent his time. In the early hours of the morning, he would spend some time learning digital marketing with his team until 5:00 AM. Not even the hottest summer of the decade could fade his vigour to learn and grow. After this dehydrating schedule of a year, Seth joined a car dealership sales job where he would help people buy high-end cars. This brought in a 360-degree change in his career angle. From hard labour to wearing a suit every day and sitting behind a desk for 8 hours, Seth not just excelled in his role but learnt the tricks of the trade.

This intellect can be compared to a diamond, which was under hard and hot stress before it reached its final element. Seth stepped into the business world and a quick learner - be it understanding the client’s mind, or picking colleagues' tips and tricks and putting a personal spin on them. He crushed out sixteen cars in his second month at the dealership. He then realised that this role wasn’t his destiny and he had to explore more on his journey of entrepreneurial path.

‘Cormier Media’ was born with 5 initial founders, however, today, Seth VanDaele, Nicholas Cormier & Ben Cormier are the co-founders of this venture. Cormier Media offers everything under the digital marketing umbrella - from Websites, IG growth, Social Media Management, Commercials, Google listing service, to Digital ads etc. If you’re in need of some strategies to scale up your business, don’t forget to check their website.