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Almond milk:

With no cholesterol or saturated fat, almond milk is gaining popularity as a healthy alternative to dairy milk. Almond milk is also fortified with Vitamin E, and contains 50 per cent of the daily recommendation of Vitamin D. A powerhouse of other minerals including zinc, iron, calcium and magnesium, almond milk is often used in the preparation of pastries and desserts.  It, however, has a low protein count, and hence, you need to supplement your diet with protein. In India, several brands and delivery services sell almond milk at prices ranging upwards of Rs 200 for a litre.  Make it at home: You can also make almond milk at home. Soak one cup of almonds overnight. The next day, drain and rinse the almonds. Blend it at the highest speed with two cups of water for around two minutes. Strain using a cheesecloth and store in an airtight container.  Image credit: Image by Couleur from Pixabay

Seven healthy alternatives to dairy milk to add to your diet

A recent study has revealed that drinking one cup of milk per day is associated with a 50 per cent increase in chances of developing breast cancer. The study conducted by researchers from Loma Linda University concluded that consuming as little as 1/3rd or 1/4th cup of dairy milk could up the chances of getting breast cancer by 30 per cent. This could increase to as much as 80 per cent for those drinking two to three cups of milk a day.

According to the researchers, this could be because of the presence of sex hormone estrogen in dairy milk as the cows are lactating. The scientists have also found that there is a reduction in risk when dairy milk is substituted with non-dairy products.

More people, today, are switching to healthy alternatives of dairy milk for health, ethical and environmental reasons. We take a look at some healthy alternatives to milk that you can add to your daily diet: