Seven Things To Do In Mumbai For Celebrating News Year’s Eve!

Kiona Rosh
·3-min read

Alas after a long slow wait we can finally say our goodbyes to the year 2020 and welcome the year 2021. A lot went on this year from the pandemic and other major tragedies to the lockdown release and announcement of the vaccine. Nevertheless, now that the year ends we can enjoy the gifts the year 2021 brings in from us. But just one step before that comes New years eve where people celebrate in their ways. Some celebrate it in a traditional family feast some go out. Here in Mumbai people from around the world come and celebrate their New Year’s Eve with family in fancy hotels. Well for your convenience we don’t just have fancy restaurants and hotels for your enjoyment.
Given below are 5 exciting things that can be done here in Mumbai on New Years Eve!

1.Go for sailing
If you fancy sailing then Marine Drive is the best place to do so here in Mumbai. Get a boat and let it entertain you for 2 or more hours on the elegant Arabian sea. The best time to make this trip will be the nighttime as you can witness the beautiful lights covering the city showing the crown of Mumbai at its full glory.

2. Road trip to Lonavla
If you are not a party lover and just an adventure seeker then a road trip to Lonavla will not be a bad idea. viewing all the beautiful spots of the hill station is a good decision on New Year’s Eve.

3. Go out for a dinner party with family and friends Currently, huge parties with loads of guests aren’t the ideal situation as per covid-19. So why not just go for a good dinner With your family and friends? There are many fantastic restaurants in Mumbai to feast on such as Delhi darbar, Leopold cafe, smokehouse deli and places like ummrao, etc.

4.A camping trip to Sanjay Gandhi National Park
Organizing a camping trip to Sanjay Gandhi National Park located in Borivali is another great idea for nature lovers to end this year. You can explore the jungles and historical Buddhist caves in Kanheri.

5. Private party
If any of you are still afraid of Coronavirus you can also book a bungalow and arrange your private party at Alibaug or Uttan or Manori, etc. Invite your family friends and have a blast on New Year’s Eve.

6.Watching fireworks at Marine drive or Gateway of India.
If you want a pleasant night with colors then this is the right place to come. At night time there is a firework function at the Gateway of India and a Marine drive where you can sit and relax and enjoy the fireworks with friends and family.

7.Find exclusive deals or New Year Eve packages.
Well even if your budget is limited due to Christmas shopping and other essential not to worry, many platforms provide you with a packaged deal which will give you all the joys and happiness that you want in your celebration.