Sexiest accents revealed: Which ones did British men and women rank the most attractive?

Francesca Specter
Yahoo Style UK deputy editor
The sexiest accents for British men and women have been revealed. [Photo: Getty]

The sexiest accents according to the British public have now been revealed, with European voices topping the list.

Travel comparison website Kayak asked 1,000 British men and women to reveal the accents that make people sound most attractive.

For men, it’s the accents of French actors Vanessa Paradis, Eva Green and Marion Cotillard that make them weak at the knees – with 31% of male participants putting this at the top.

Meanwhile, for British women, men with Italian accents were voted the most attractive: think the serenades of Andrea Bocelli, the dulcet tones of chef Gino D’Campo and the voice of footballer Mario Balotelli.

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The second sexiest accents for women and men were voted as Italian and French respectively. Some 29% of males said Italian was the sexiest, while 28% of women ranked French as the most attractive.

But it wasn’t just European accents which featured in the top five.

Italian accents, like that of chef Gino D'Acampo, are considered the most attractive among British women. [Photo: Getty]

When it comes to female accents, British men voted Australian the fifth most attractive – good news for the likes of pop star Kylie Minogue and actor Rebel Wilson.

Meanwhile, American accents – like those of Brad Pitt, George Clooney and Chris Hemsworth – were ranked the fifth most attractive sounding among British women.

British men consider French women, like actor Marion Cotillard, to have the sexiest accents. [Photo: Getty]

Sexiest accents for women, according to British men

  1. French (31%)

  2. Italian (29%)

  3. Spanish (16%)

  4. Scandinavian (14%)

  5. Australian (13%)

Sexiest accents for men, according to British women

  1. Italian (34%)

  2. French (28%)

  3. Australian (15%)

  4. Spanish (14%)

  5. American (11%)

For those Brits feeling hard done-by, we’ve still got one thing going for us.

When it comes to “most trusted” accent – based on how Brits react to their pilot – it would seem “Queen’s English” still comes top, with “southern English” a close second, according to the research from Kayak.

While Brits in general may prefer European accents, this doesn’t necessarily hold true globally.

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A different survey, conducted by New Zealand publication Big 7 Travel, ranked the world’s sexiest accents, with Italian, French and Spanish coming in fourth, seventh and eighth place respectively.

Perhaps predictably, considering the origin of the publication, the New Zealand accent topped the list, while South African and Irish came second and third place respectively.