Sexy at 46: Here's why Malaika Arora is not your ordinary diva

Bollywood's diva Malaika Arora ringed in her 46th birthday today. The Chaiyya Chaiyya girl has redefined her existence in the showbiz, by proving she is more than just item numbers. She has successfully paraded her enthusiasm towards fitness, dating in her 40s and running a business. She pulled the plug from her marriage and is cherishing being a single mom, keeping societal norms at bay. Here's why we think, Malaika is not your ordinary diva.

Changing the perspective towards item numbers

In an interview with film critic Anupama Chopra, the diva defends her stance on ‘item’ numbers. Malaika admitted that the times have changed since the heydey of ‘item numbers’ in the 80s and 90s. “I’ve always had a problem with it being called ‘item song’. Imagine someone calling me, ‘yeh kya item hai’ (what an item), I’d turn around and slap that person,” Malaika said. Malaika admitted that she was aware of the suggestive nature of the lyrics, but said that most of it was ‘tongue-in-cheek’. “I’ve never felt that it crossed that line where it was downright vulgar, or downright offensive,” she said. “According to me, it was always in a nice fun, tongue-in-cheek sort of space.”

Dating a much younger man- Arjun Kapoor

While the two took time to make it official for their fans, Malaika and Arjun have always been targeted for dating despite an age difference. That being said, marriage is not on cards whatsoever. Malakia in an interview with a leading entertainment portal went on to say there is no marriage on the cards. She said if it is to happen they will let the world know. She also revealed she isnt phased by them. "In the business, everybody is at the receiving end of all of this. No one is scared of these kinds of conjectures so to speak. Like we have said, there's no marriage on the cards."

Investing in a business which is her passion- Yoga

Malaika invested in her own Yoga studio called Diva Yoga. And not just that, her social media feed is full of pictures and videos where Arora has nailed some of the most difficult Yoga postures. No wonder we love her voluptuous bod when she treats fans with exotic bikini pictures and risque outfits.

When she pulled the plug from her marriage of 17 years with Arbaaz Khan

Malaika told Kareena Kapoor on the latter's radio chat show ‘What women really want’, “For me, happiness is most important. Even if it means I have to take such a major decision in life. Me and Arbaaz eventually did think about a lot of things and weighed every single pro and con. And then we decided, it’s better off that we move our separate ways because we’d just be better people. Because we were two people in a situation making each other extremely unhappy which was impacting everybody else’s life around us.”

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