Sexy siren who dated a superstar and both his sons

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This South superstar has been linked to many actresses he has worked with. But he, and his entire family, has had a special affinity towards a particular actress who made her debut with him back in 2005. Reams were written then by the media about their roaring affair. His wife, who herself was an actress, was browned off by her husband's frequent flings and eventually put her foot down firmly.

Things took an interesting turn when the elder son of the superstar, from his first wife, was smitten by the same beauty his father had had an affair with. The news of this new fling made waves and even rumours of an alleged engagement were circulated. The father was clearly displeased and told them both off. He had mentored both son and the woman so he ordered them to either go under the radar or part ways. But this is not all.

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A few years later, the youngest son of the superstar, from his current wife, also fell for the same lady. The furious father went on to lambast the press publicly for maligning his family’s name and that of his 'favourite' protege, the woman in question.

It seems that like acting talent, these affairs too seem to be all in the genes! Any guesses who?