Shah Rukh Khan was always the first choice for the cameo in Tubelight, reveals Salman Khan

Sreeju Sudhakaran
Tubelight is scheduled to release on June 23

It is now a public secret that Shah Rukh Khan is having a cameo in Salman Khan’s upcoming movie, Tubelight. Though most of the film-makers always hide their star cameos as a surprise to the fans, the makers of Tubelight have been quite vocal about Shah Rukh Khan’s special appearance right from the day he had shot for the cameo. If you have an eagle eye, you would also have noticed Shah Rukh Khan in both the teaser and the trailer of Tubelight.

Before Shah Rukh Khan was in the picture, there were talks that Shatrughan Sinha was to take the role. However, during the special event of Tubelight that happened sometime back, in which Salman Khan revealed his child co-star from the movie, he also revealed that Shah Rukh Khan had always been director Kabir Khan’s first choice for the role. And it was Saman Khan who arranged for this to happen. Speaking to the media, Salman Khan said, “When Kabir narrated the script, that time only he said that he wants Shah Rukh for the cameo. So I called him (Shah Rukh Khan) and asked him about it, and when I said I want you to do this small thing, even before I completed it, he said ‘yes, let’s do it’! That’s what we call Bhaichara.

Tubelight is based on a Hollywood movie, Little Boy, and Shah Rukh Khan plays the role of a magician that was originally played by Ben Chaplin. Shah Rukh Khan’s character will be the one that teaches Salman Khan the power of faith, which helps Salman’s character in his search of his missing younger brother.

Tubelight is scheduled to release on June 23, and also stars Chinese actress Zhu Zhu, the late Om Puri and Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub.