Shah Rukh Khan Buys The Official Rights Of Korean Movie ‘A Hard Day’

Amar Singh Rathore

Internet is buzzing with the news of Shah Rukh Khan buying the rights of a Korean film officially!

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The truth is that all die-hard fans of the King Khan, Shah Rukh Khan have been desperately waiting for his next official announcement about the film he is taking but there has been a gap of more than an year for now. Even they are complaining every now & then as they are majorly missing their favorite actor on the silver screen. Though there have been several rumors around which film SRK is finally taking for his next project from the Rakesh Sharma biopic to Hirani’s next romantic saga, there has been no official confirmation for a single project.

If news reports are to be believed, SRK has bought the rights of a Korean film titled ‘A Hard Day’ to remake the same film in Hindi. A close source revealed,

“Shah Rukh and his team really loved watching the Korean thriller A Hard Day. So much so that he got his team to buy the Hindi adaptation rights for the film at a good price. If all goes well, his production house Red Chillies Entertainment will be making the film soon.”

The source continued,

“That is still unsure. He will definitely produce the film under his home banner but it’s not known if he will be acting in it. Mostly, he will get Sujoy Ghosh to direct the thriller for him.”

Well, time will only tell about the final and official project which Shah Rukh Khan will take to delight his fans and spread his usual charm yet again!

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