Shahid Sharif Aka Shahid Zaki’s Tale of Success Is One of the Most Inspirational One

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Success doesn’t knock at your door overnight! Everyone faces criticism from someone or the other. Hearing something about what you are interested in could either develop or cease that interest.

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When at such a critical time of interest development, someone dares to demotivate you, that is the time when you need to believe in yourself the most and keep working harder.

Today we highlight one such personality, who never gave up on his passion irrespective of facing a cold judgement. Shahid Sharif is a 29-year-old aspiring young digital entrepreneur from Pakistan. He has made it big in the IT sector, which is unbelievable for a person whose roots belong to an area where very basic facilities for pursuing IT sector are scarce.

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Shahid Sharif grew up in a small backward village of Kasur District, Pakistan. His career path started off from a Pentium 2 computer. When Shahid was in 9th grade, he was deeply smitten by his first ever PC. Despite getting endless scolding’s and opposition from his family, Shahid decided to pursue his craze for the computers!

Shahid Sharif urf, Shahid Zaki, took his career to another step when he moved to the city of Lahore, Pakistan for his Intermediate education in the IT Field. As, there were more opportunities and chances of career growth in the city, this was the best decision for him.

Today, Shahid Zaki has reached extraordinary feats in the IT world and hopes to keep up with his growth in the sector. He runs a prosperous multidimensional company known by Frame Hype LLP. The company offers branding, designing, developing and social media marketing services for its abundant national and international clients.

He works on Social Media Marketing and Management himself. Managing and updating social media platforms (like Facebook, YouTube) for his clients as well as helping attract audience and growing the profile of his clients through these platforms is one of the endless tasks performed by Shahid.

Shahid further aims to build an ecosystem for IT startups in his future. Through this ecosystem type of organization, Shahid plans to explore other content creators in remote areas and providing them enough opportunities for their growth.

They hunt for such individuals who have a passion for making a change through their content and their IT skills. So that they can support those who cannot afford further training in the sector.

Frame Hype association seeks to provide these young prodigies with ample resources and opportunities in order to further enhance their skill set. Ensuring proper molding of their talents and interests.

Shahid Sharif believes that lack of proper resources was a major challenge in his career path. Inaccessibility to suitable resources was one big hurdle in achieving his goals.

Therefore, he wishes to provide these opportunities to other young and ambitious entrepreneurs just like him. To know more about this young lad check his Facebook profile.

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