8 Of Shah Rukh Khan’s Best Performances, Ranked

Tatsam Mukherjee
·2-min read

It’s been a little over 27 years since Shah Rukh Khan first appeared in a Hindi feature film, his last few films being below par (which is a polite way of saying ‘terrible’) and he is barely seen on social media as well these days. Yet, if you are a Bollywood fan it’s impossible to deny the kind of excitement even a rumour of a new Shah Rukh Khan film incites. Khan’s vast filmography, that includes over 80 films, has its fair share of duds and routine, now annoying formula and dazzling hits.

Some of Khan’s biggest hits also had him follow a tried and tested formula which stuck with him for very long, until he began making what seemed like deliberate departures. All said and done, there’s always a Shah Rukh Khan film for a bad day. Here, we have listed his best performances till date.

8. Kal Ho Naa Ho

Okay, don’t shoot me. We all remember that embarrassing pre-interval scene where Khan admits to his on-screen mother (Reema Lagoo), that he has a terminal heart condition. Where he unconvincingly sobs and recites dialogues like ′pehli baar iss dil ne kisi ke liye saansein li hai, lekin yeh dil hi kamzor hai’. It’s right up Khan’s alley, but even his hardcore fans will have to admit it that the overdose of melodrama sort of botches up the scene. Did not help that the line was also awfully corny.

However, apart from that one scene, Kal Ho Naa Ho is a terrific exhibition of how Khan charmed his audience. As Aman Mathur, Khan goes about his extrovert-with-a-terminal-condition routine with so much flair, that it’s impossible to remain untouched. Armed with funny banter (especially with Saif Ali Khan), some of Aman’s most hilarious lines come off like on-the-spot improvisations. Like when he delivers an impassioned monologue about saving a restaurant and he’s saying ”humein apna desh yahaan New York laana hai, chaaro taraf basana hai″ and then he looks at Saif and says ”... including Gujarat”. Given the film’s over-the-top aesthetic...

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