Shalkal: How the World Went Crazy for the New King of Dancehall

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Not too long ago, we spoke about Dancehall, and how Jamaicans dominate the genre. Shalkal is a Jamaican dance-hall reggae artist, who is just enamoured with the metaphors used by people in his country.

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Shalkal is not just another artist in the Reggae genre, but he has taken the dancehall world by storm. His songs have garnered millions of views to date. Shalkal stated, “It's not uncommon for Jamaicans to use just one metaphor to describe, or express their situation, and immediately everyone knows exactly what they mean. This is the reason I have such a great appreciation for Jamaican metaphors, and I'm glad to translate this to music.”

Shalkal’s attachment to his musial background runs deep. He comes from a musical family, and learned to embrace music since his childhood.

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He can't help but to be inclined to produce music, because it's a part of his frame/a part of his core. While growing up, Shalkal entered lyrical competitions/sound clashes, and often won. He states, "I was immersed in music at that time. It was those days that really helped to shape the artist I am today".

Now an internationally recognized dancehall artist, Shalkal performs like a well-oiled machine that was created only to perform. Shalkal stated that "music is the most natural thing in the world". He grew up with it, and has a natural gift for this industry.

When he was asked about what makes him unique?

Shalkal shared, “I know the exact arrangement of my song from it's inception. After these inspirational moments, I have to act quickly, and put pen to paper to transcribe the lyrics, and then compose the music to go with it.”

Shalkal has found that this is a unique ability, which helps to create meaningful, impactful, and lasting digital songs in this hyper-competitive industry. His future plans are to produce more music, and continue to narrate stories through his songs, using Jamaican metaphors.

As the music climate continues to evolve, it is clear that it will require initiative, and hard work from those who wish to stay on top. One thing is for sure, however the music industry changes, be on the lookout, as it's certain that Shalkal will be there leading the charge.