What Shampoo Do You Use?: Curious Case of Rahul Gandhi's Hair Leaves Twitter Baffled

Buzz Staff
·3-min read

Congress chief Rahul Gandhi went viral on social media on Friday but for all the wrong reasons.

The official Twitter account of Congress released yet another in a series of videos that the party has released featuring Gandhi. Only this time, he is seen alone, speaking to the camera and touching upon the pressing topics concerning the nation.

But while the video itself managed to inspire debate and even several memes, observers were quick to notice something peculiar about Gandhi - his swiftly growing hair.

The first video that Gandhi posted appeared on July 10. In this video, he spoke about the unfairness of conducting exam during the COVID-19 pandemic.

But in the latest video posted by INC on Friday, the 50-year-old Wayanad MP seems to be sporting a fuller head of hair.

Many on social media pointed out the discrepancy and wondered how Gandhi's mane grew so fast. While some wondered if the Congress Chief had been pre-recording his messages, others jokingly asked him to share the name of his shampoo.

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Nevertheless, the Congress chief managed to launch a scathing attack on the government in power in the video in which he minced no words and spoke about China's intrusion in the country's territory, India's weakening economic growth, and its dwindling relationship with close neighbours such as Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka.