Sharon Osbourne says she can hardly feel her mouth following plastic surgery

Former X Factor judge Sharon Osbourne has opened up on her plastic surgery, revealing her fears about waking up from an operation to "look like Cyclops" and how she "can hardly" feel her mouth following a procedure.

Osbourne, 67, candidly discussed going under the knife in a chat on The Kelly Clarkson Show on Tuesday.

She told the host: "You could wake up and look like Cyclops ... you never know. I had this thing where they lifted up my mouth. For the first week, I couldn't feel my mouth ... I can hardly feel my mouth now, to be honest with you. I couldn't find my mouth!

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"It goes numb ... it was up at one side, I looked like Elvis. All the kids and Ozzy are going, 'Why are you snarling at me?' - I'm like, 'I'm not snarling, I'm not doing anything."

Rock frontman Ozzy Osbourne holds his Golden God award, standing with his wife Sharon Osbourne in the press room during the Metal Hammer Golden Gods Awards 2018 ceremony in London, Monday June 11, 2018. (Ian West/PA via AP)

The wife of Ozzy Osbourne is no stranger to candidly speaking about her surgeries as last month she spoke about why it can be rare to find a "good" surgeon.

Following a facelift, she told Jimmy Kimmel on Jimmy Kimmel Live!: “You know what it is? It’s just that it’s so popular now for men and women to get facelifts that there’s very few, really good surgeons and there’s so many people wanting to have it done that, odds are, you’re gonna get a dud."

Sharon Osbourne was interviewed by Jimmy Kimmel on Jimmy Kimmel Live! (Randy Holmes/ABC via Getty Images)

“I think, too, a lot of people go in to change too much and then it just doesn’t work,” she added.

Osbourne isn't the only X Factor judge to have spoken out about the work they’ve had done, with Simon Cowell admitting last month that he and Britain's Got Talent colleague Amanda Holden had "a bit too much Botox" in the past.

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