'She vetted your script pro bono': SC lawyer asks 'Chhapaak' makers to accredit Laxmi Agarwal's advocate

Acid attack survivor Laxmi Agarwal's lawyer on Thursday moved a Delhi court, seeking an injunction on the release of Deepika Padukone-starrer 'Chhapaak'.

Advocate Aparna Bhat filed the application saying that despite representing Agarwal in courts for several years and helping in the making of the movie, she was not given credit in the film.

She said the filmmakers took her help in the process of writing and shooting the movie, but did not give her credits in the film. The matter is likely to be taken up for hearing shortly.

Meanwhile Supreme Court Lawyer Karuna Nundy took to Twitter and called out Chhapaak makers for not accrediting Bhat. She wrote, “Dear @meghnagulzar, Aparna Bhat, Advocate, who worked tirelessly in Laxmi's case, vetted your script pro bono, stood by you through the filmmaking process has not even been thanked in your credits.This lacks grace, you should acknowledge her contribution asap. cc @deepikapadukone”

Chhapaak is based on Laxmi's life, and Deepika plays a character based on Laxmi in the film. The advocate, who played a pivotal role in real life to ensure justice was served to Laxmi in the case fought at Patiala House Courts, took to Facebook and wrote a few posts to vent her ire.

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Bhat wrote in her Facebook post: "Have never been the one to demand attention to my work. Deeply disturbed by the turn of events post watching Chhapaak. Compelled to take legal action to protect my identity and preserve my integrity. I represented Lakshmi in her criminal trial in Patiala House Courts... tomorrow someone will represent me in my cause...Ironies of life."

No sooner did she put up a post, there were many people coming out in her support. Overwhelmed by the fact, she wrote another post: "I thank all my friends who endorsed my contribution and challenged team Chhapaak in failing to say even "Thank you!!a. I cannot match the powers of these mighty producers of Bollywood but keeping quiet will further endorse injustice. I have decided to take my cause to the next level. Ready to face the consequences."

This is the second controversy that has erupted about aChhapaak" within the span of a single day. Earlier on Wednesday, a social media and whatsapp was flooded with the rumour that the name of the real-life acid attacker was changed from Basheer to Rajesh in the film, in order to protect the culprit's religious identity. However, pre-release screenings on Wednesday revealed the name of Nadeem has been changed to Basheer.

Wednesday's controversies over "Chhapaaka followed Deepika's visit to Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) on Tuesday night. She was at JNU as a mark of solidarity with the students who were victims of a violent attack by unidentified masked men on Sunday night.

Deepika's JNU visit was construed by many as a publicity stunt, and clamour to boycott her new film has been trending online, although a large section of social media has also hailed her gesture.

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