Will she, won’t she...that’s the question!

Ex, what’s next?

Party people sure like to gossip. The latest tattle going around the circuit is talk about this curvy chick, supposedly an actor, with everyone wondering what’s her latest role.

Actually, perhaps she could be described as a model endorsing hair and skin products and the like, or a red carpet creature, for she does not fail to attract the paparazzi who click her since she looks cute and sexy. People are wondering when and where she will wed her current flame.

Her ex-hubby, meanwhile, looks happy indeed with his new flame, a foreign girl who is said to be an actor and dancer. Whatever she is, one thing is sure, she looks sweet and sincere and always remembers those she has met just the other day, warmly saying hello. Perhaps he may get married to her.

Missing in action

Besides party perennial Kishin Mulchandani (who used to change shirts in his car as he hopped form one party to another), missing in action at dos around town are so many others who were, at one time, permanent fixtures on the party circuit.

Old-timers who still do the party circuit are wondering whatever happened to Esther and Raju Daswani, Naaz and Remu Javeri, Devika and Suresh Bhojwani, Viren Shah, Bhairavi Goswami, Rahul Nanda with his tight hugs and Ashok Salian who you knew had made his grand entry when you heard his crackling laughter!

That 19’s show!

When the affable AD Singh calls, you readily go. Especially, if it happens to be the 19th anniversary of his Olive Bar & Kitchen. He thoughtfully gave you an option, come on Wednesday or Saturday to celebrate the landmark. That way he, and wife Sabina, got a chance to entertain double the crowd, all their buddies.

AD Singh was at the entrance, warmly greeting each and every guest and even introducing them to others, always with a good word. The Mediterranean-styled eatery and bar was filled with cheer and camaraderie with sangria, fine wines, beers, luxury spirits and cocktails in full flow along with pass-around bites.

There was dinner, too, not a buffet but you were kindly escorted to your table when you were ready to relish the fare dished out by the new chef Viraf Patel and his team.

Back with a bang

New and improved with old-world charm blending with contemporary chic is Peshwa Pavilion, the 24-hour multi-cuisine restaurant at ITC Maratha, that reopened with a Sunday brunch. Besides the fantastic food, in store for guests were the choicest wines, beers, spirits and cocktails. Live music added to the flavour.

And the action included the traditional Christmas cake-mixing ceremony with Zubin Songadwala, Area Manager - West & General Manager,

ITC Maratha and his smiling staff along with assorted guests joining in the exciting exercise.

Gown and about

Who says men can’t wear gowns! You can and you can pull it off, especially if you happen to be Rohit Verma. Yes, the delightful designer was there to host a fashion night at Leena Jain’s multi-cuisine restaurant and bar, Pepper & Pint, in Juhu.

Spotted were people from the TV, film, music and modelling world who enjoyed the drinks and bites and the mesmerising music. It was fashion passion at its height with the talk that the synergy was just right as both food and fashion involves inspiration, an appreciation of history, a willingness to experiment, the selection of tools whether it be fabric or ingredients. And the celebration continued, for it also happened to be the birthday of Rohit Verma.

Four play

True Tramm Trunk, fondly known as T3, had a double celebration. It was the party to introduce its new look, what they called Version 2, V2 if you like, and also the party to live it up on its fourth anniversary, T4 to all the party people.

Guests were encouraged to raise a toast on completing four damn drunk years and to get too damn drunk once again! Well, party people did just that at True Tramm Trunk in Juhu. Eat, drink and be merry was the order of the day (or, rather, night).

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