Sheena Newman: The Girl Boss Who’s Making the Internet a Better Place

With the obsession of creating viral content, too many people resort to the wildfire spread of negativity, to generate a name for themselves. Whether it be trolls, fake "likes," or just an overwhelmingly rude commentator, we have all faced our fair or rather unfair share of cynicism online. Social Media, while often a force for good, is many times manipulated for spreading negativity. Statistics show direct correlations between anxiety and depression with increased social media usage. Content and engagement are about inspiring others with positivity, which is why it is so important to find influencers who keep it that way.

As a public figure and the founder and CEO of TALIX Organics, Sheena Newman knows how important it is to create a positive environment online. Sharing personal information through social media does not make the challenges of daily life more comfortable. Instead, it magnifies one's insecurities.

Personal development is essential for growth. Sheena Newman believes this growth comes from supporting one another, by steering away from the online negativity and instead, by engaging in topics, which help to inspire each other. As Sheena Newman says, "When women support each other, magic happens."

To do this, Sheena launched TALIX Tribe. TALIX Tribe is a social selling network, which is formed by an all-inclusive community of women who are mothers, students, professionals, homemakers, and so much more! The TALIX Organics brand ambassadors earn $50.00 for every product purchased through their exclusive retail link. From social media promotion to hosting in-person soirées, it has never been easier for women to become their own bosses!

Sheena Newman works hard to empower women through her social media channels. Newman's content is fun, relatable, and genuine. Moreover, it is her honesty that is so refreshing. Watching Sheena's YouTube videos is like sitting down for a chat with a trusted friend. In Sheena's digital sphere, there are no secrets among friends, and there are certainly no secrets to success. Knowledge is power, and powerful women share their positivity. Sheena Newman's genuine social media presence is undoubtedly making the Internet a better place.

Sheena Newman is no stranger to success, and her social media channels are yet another example of her commitment to helping women grow personally and financially. Alongside her organic skincare company TALIX Organics, Sheena also launched “Ladies and Lunch," a non-profit organization, which develops YouTube content empowering like-minded women worldwide. The Internet can be a force to be reckoned with, but Sheena Newman has proved yet again she's a stronger force in the pursuit of women empowerment and positivity.