Shefali Jariwala UNFILTERED On Her Viral Flirty Images With Mika Singh- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

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On Monday, singer Mika Singh dropped a series of pictures with the Kaanta Laga Fame Shefali Jariwala on his social media. These pictures have the actress holding a knife in her hand, placed on Mika’s chin and cheek, as she leans on to him. Also, in one of the pictures, she is holding a baseball bat around his shoulders, while she leans on him and looks into his eyes.

These pictures carried several hashtags indicating the duo collaborating for a music video. And now in an exclusive interview with us Bigg Boss 13 contestant Shefali Jariwala opened about the same. ALSO READ: Mika Singh Gets Flirty With Bigg Boss 13's Shefali Jariwala As He Shares A Series Of Pictures Starring The Kaanta Laga Girl

Talking to exclusively, Shefali Jariwala said, "So, Mika and I have been friends for over 15 years. We have known each other since so long and travelled the world together for our shows. And we always wanted to collaborate with each other for something interesting for the longest time. Whenever we used to meet, we always used to discuss lets do something but we both were busy with our own lives. The moment I came out of the Bigg Boss house, lockdown was announced and during that we got in touch and that's when he again told me finally we have some time, so let's collaborate as everything has been slowed down. I also said an immediate yes but I didn't know he would take it so seriously."

She went on revealing, "Then he composed one song which is a remake of the popular Bollywood song. And made me hear that song and asked what do you feel about it and I was like wow, this is bloody amazing. I don't know how many people know this but Mika is not just a wonderful singer but a composer also. The way he recreated this song, I was amazed."ALSO READ: Shefali Jariwala On Reports Of Replacing Saumya Tandon In Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain: 'I Take It As A Compliment'- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Talking about her shooting experience of the song amidst pandemic, Shefali said, "The moment we finalised on making this song, there was a complete lockdown. So, we decided to shoot and waited for things to get started a little which also allowed some time to plan things. Keeping everything in mind and following government guidelines, we executed the shoot. The song has come out really well and is now finally getting released. So, I am quite excited about it. We are really good friends to bahut hi zyada comfort level tha. We enjoyed it a lot. The concept is really different, it's got a dark undertone swatch and I am sure people will love it."

Image Souce: Instagram/shefalijariwala/mikasingh

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