Here is what Shehnaaz Gill has to say about her one- liner which turned into a funny rap!

Rajasi Nagwekar
·1-min read

Shehnaaz Gill is an actress, model and singer who works in television and films. She entered the Bigg Boss 14 house as Punjab Ki Katrina Kaif and ended up as the second runner up. She won several hearts in the Bigg Boss season 13. her one-liner ‘Tuada Kutta Tommy’, from the show was turned into a funny rap by Yashraj Mukhate and it went viral on the internet.

Recently, during her live Instagram session, Shehnaaz said that while she was on the show, she said that line of ‘Saada Kutta Kutta, Tuada Kutta Tommy’ as it’s a Punjabi proverb and very commonly used. Shehnaaz was happy that her day to day proverb has become a rap now. Shehnaaz went onto express that she felt good that it was loved by her fans and also thanked them for giving her so much love in very few time.

While talking about the viral rap, Shehnaaz said, “It became a hit. I did not speak a dialogue. It’s a proverb. In Punjab, one says Saada Kutta, Kutta, Tuada Kutta Tommy. I used it there and it went viral. Thank you so much. You guys made it so viral. I felt very good.”

She even recited the dialogue during the live session. Shehnaaz opened up about the makeup skill that she had learned and also revealed that for her live session, she did it herself. She even went to sing a song for her fan and even expressed her take on negativity. She asked her fans to not fight with anyone who doesn’t like her.