Shehnaaz Gill's Father Santokh Singh Sukh On Paras Chhabra Being Furious With Him: 'I Forgive Him For What He Said'- EXCLUSIVE

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In a recent interview, Bigg Boss 13 contestant Paras Chhabra sounded furious on Shehnaaz Gill's father, Santokh Singh Sukh. The actor was highly upset with him for making fun of his hair patch. The Bigg Boss contestant stated that he should look at himself in the mirror as he is bald and even his son Shehbaz wears a hair patch. He had also called him a 'stupid man'.

Now, we contacted Santokh Singh Sukh to know his response on the same and to our surprise he was extremely calm on the matter and also said he forgives Paras for making such statements. 

Talking to exclusively, Santokh said, "I have met Paras 3-4 times after Bigg Boss 13 and he met me with immense respect and touched my feet like any obedient child. I really don't know what has irked him so much that he is making such comments against me. But I have no qualms with him. He is like a kid to me and I forgive him for whatever statement he has made."

He also added, "I really don't remember in which of my interview I said that Shehnaaz used to pull Sidharth Shukla’s hair. Thank God Paras was not in his place. And if I would have said that line then surely it would have been in fun manner. The fact that he wears a hair patch was known to the world already. And I would never say any such thing to make somebody feel bad. I never had an intention to hurt him. And talking about Shehbaz wearing a hair patch, toh uske baal originally bhaut acche hai, usne shauk se patch lagvaya hua hai." 

For those who've come in late, Paras in an interview with Bollywood Bubble, was asked who would he like to see locked in the upcoming season of Bigg Boss and he had named Shehnaz's father Santokh Singh Sukh. Giving the reason for it, he had said, "I saw one of his interviews a few days back where he said that ‘Shehnaaz used to pull Sidharth Shukla’s hair. Thank God Paras was not in his place.' See yourself in the mirror as both of you are bald. Shehbaz is also bald and he wears a patch. How could Shehnaaz’s father talk like this when his own son is suffering the same problem? How could he say all that? He is the stupid person I have ever seen." 

Image Source:- instagram/parasvchhabrra/santokhsukh1

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