Shehnaz Gill's Father Santokh Singh Booked For Rape: KRK Targets Sana In A Cringeworthy Tweet, Says He's 'Not Shocked'; Twitter Fries Him For Character Assassination

Bigg Boss contestant Kamaal R Khan is known for his shocking comments and observations on Twitter. His latest tweet on Shehnaaz Gill's father being booked for rape is going viral on the microblogging site. He says he is not Shocked by the news at all. KRK who enjoys to stay in the limelight making controversial statements, went ahead and made a nasty comment yet again.

As he wrote on his twitter, "I am not shocked at all. Jinki Beti Ne #BiggBoss Ke Ghar Main Aise Aise Gul Khilaye Hon, Woh Father Aisa Hi Ho Sakta Hai. Any girl from a good family can’t do all that whatever she did in the #BiggBoss house". Well the actor was called out by the users for passing a cringeworthy and uncalled for remark on Shehnaaz's character. We are with the users here! This is not acceptable. 


Meanwhile we spoke to Shehbaz Khan who said that the allegations made on his father is not true and that lady is trying to defame him. As he exclusively told us, "Yes, there has been a case registered with the Punjab police but these are completely false allegations. The lady in question is trying to defame my father. We are surely disturbed at the moment but we also know nothing is going to happen as we have enough proofs that the lady is lying. The mentioned place where the incident according to her happened is under CCTV survillience and we have arranged for recording of it."



Image Source:- herzindagi, instagram /kamaalrkhan, twitter /kamaalrkhan

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