Sherlyn Chopra: Can do an adult film but cannot have sex in front of camera

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Sherlyn Chopra: Can do an adult film but cannot have sex in front of camera

Sherlyn Chopra, who was the first Indian to pose nude for adult magazine Playboy, is not comfortable "having sex in front of a camera". In an interview with Mid-Day, she was asked how she would react if she was offered an adult film.

"I don't think I would be comfortable with actually having sex in front of a camera. I'm okay with suggestive (scenes) where they show a nude back or suggestive movements where we create a make-believe world, but where it's not really happening. I'm not at all comfortable with actually doing it," she said.

The actress was cast in the much-talked-about erotic drama Kamasutra 3D, and was seen in the posters and teasers, but she announced her disassociation with the project in 2016 after a massive fight with her director Rupesh Paul.

"Little tiff would be an understatement. Maine unki baja daali Twitter par," Sherlyn told India Today Television in an exclusive interview in 2014, after hurling abuses at him on Twitter, calling him a "mother******" and a "pimp". She claimed that her outburst was a retaliation to him calling her unsavoury names, including a "nobody" and a "stripper".

Kamasutra 3D is yet to see the light of day.

Meanwhile, Sherlyn, who has been grabbing eyeballs with her bold and sultry photoshoots, slammed the notion that women who wear revealing clothes have a questionable character. "I enjoy doing shoots in minimal clothing. What's wrong with it? People think that women who expose their bodies have loose characters," she told the newspaper.

Sherlyn questioned the "nonsensical rules" which label a woman as loose just because she dresses in a particular way. "I don't understand which great person invented this concept. Does this mean that just to prove I'm a good person, I have to hide my body? If I flaunt my body, it straightaway means that I have a loose character. Who makes these nonsensical rules?" she asked.

According to Sherlyn, many women achievers also wear mini skirts, and their clothing does not make them indecent. "There are so many women out there who are MDs and CEOs who like wearing mini skirts. One needs to understand that sensuality and sexuality are not synonyms of vulgarity," she said.

Sherlyn's bold photoshoots have been at the receiving end of a lot of hate, but she is unfazed by the criticism. "They tell me not to expose as much as I do. I only have one question to ask them - do they have a book which says you can only expose so and so per cent of your body? Will someone else tell me how much skin I can show and which body parts I can show?" she asked.

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