'Sherni' review: Vidya Balan 'roars' brilliantly in this one-woman show

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18 Jun 2021: 'Sherni' review: Vidya Balan 'roars' brilliantly in this one-woman show

Patriarchy and prejudice in the workplace is something women face globally all over, but this nuanced portrayal of a woman in a "man's world" is something only Vidya Balan can execute. Sherni that has her playing a forest officer is now streaming on Prime. The film also tackles the delicate topic of man's greed and its impact on nature with ease. Here's our review.

Plot: 'Sherni' cornered by the society, a brilliant meta reference

Balan gets posted somewhere in Madhya Pradesh, and has to deal with a tigress or Sherni on prowl soon after, as villagers are encroaching the forest land to graze their cattle. This simple premise is twisted when the animal starts hunting humans, and local politicians start using the deaths to gain votes. Like the tigress, Balan is also trapped between morals and bureaucracy.

Execution: The director is able to add suspense, give a message

The film depicts perfectly how animals get a bad rap because humans decide to fulfill their greed and exploit nature. The maker is able to add suspense, humor and genuine teachable moments throughout the 140-minute-run. We see a sincere officer trying to do her job, while people (mostly men in power) are turning everything to achieve their selfish motives, and an ugly-side of politics.

Acting: Balan leads the show, commands respect; Vijay Raaz grips attention

In a given, Balan leads the film almost single-handedly. She is composed, calm and subtle, while being head-strong. She understands the hierarchy and bureaucracy, but still tries her best to do her job without tooting her own horn. Vijay Raaz is a delight, probably the only man who doesn't feel the need to talk down to a woman, and imparts wisdom without being preachy.

Production: Production is beautiful with a very refined script

The production keeps it real, with making you feel that you're going through the forest looking for the tigress. It even makes you root for the animal and ponder how much man has exploited wildlife. Director Amit Masurkar of Newton fame evoke the same emotions at points. The dialogues convey the dichotomy, helplessness, but at the same time, will to fight of the characters.

Verdict: 'Sherni' gets real with its message and depiction; gets 4/5

The film brings different elements of drama, social-message, satire together and strings them beautifully. The main downer is the length and some unnecessary sequences, which bog the script down. The commentary on how politicians, high up officials, poachers, basically everyone is concerned with their own agenda, rather than making an effort to restore the ecological balance, is brilliant. It's a must-watch. Verdict: 4/5 stars.

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